Column: Sports Kickoffs leave activities in the dust


While in the wrestling room, senior Mariah Houser stands in confusion at the sports culture of small-town schools. Activities at David City High School seem to be receiving less recognition than sports.

Nicole Buntgen, Co-Editor

Every year, fall sports have the opportunity to be recognized at their annual Fall Sports Kickoff, an event hosted annually by David City High School. It wasn’t until last year that the school decided to implement a Winter Sports Kickoff as well, as they felt fall sports were the only sports receiving recognition. So if winter sports can receive just as much acknowledgement as fall sports, then why are clubs, organizations, and activities being thrown under the bus?

According to the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA), competitive activities include debate, journalism, music, play production, and speech. Long story short, all of these NSAA activities are competing and doing just as much work as any sport is.

Now I’m not saying that sports aren’t important at all. They are, and I’m thankful that our school sets time aside to throw an event for them to be recognized. If sports can have this much acknowledgement, then in no way should other activities simply be unaccounted for and not receive the recognition they deserve.

Although attending kickoffs are optional for students not involved in them, it’s a great opportunity for students to become more familiar with the sports. But when activities aren’t even mentioned at these events, how are students supposed to gain more information about them?

This then leads to the problem of involvement in these activities. Without the help of kickoffs and other events promoting them, less students know about the activities and, therefore, don’t even bother giving them a try.

Take band and choir, for example. In my opinion, these activities don’t receive enough credit for all the hard work they put into their music. They’re competing just as much as sports are. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard their accomplishments at competitions over the announcements while other people simply ignore everything they hear over the intercom.

As of this year, all middle school students are required to enroll in a music class, consisting of singing and general exposure to different kinds of music. Music teacher Joe Albright said the class has helped the band program tremendously. He said many kids have asked if they can learn an instrument and join band. Albright said most of this motivation from students comes from being enrolled in the music class.

Hearing this made me so happy for the band and choir programs. This is the kind of thing our school needs to be doing to get students more involved in activities. With students being exposed to these kind of activities early on, it gives them a better exposure and makes them more likely to continue on in high school.

The purpose of kickoffs is to recognize sports and focus on what they have in store for their seasons. Although the Sports Booster Club mainly drives their focus toward sports and they put on these events every year, I still feel as if these NSAA activities could be somehow incorporated. They shouldn’t be singled out from these events just because they’re not a sport.

So let’s spread equality through our school and support all things that go on, not just sports. Students should be getting involved in school, and we should be recognizing those who are already. Involvement spreads far beyond just sports in our school. Perhaps this coming year a Spring Sports and Activities Kickoff can be implemented and start a new tradition. That way all NSAA sports and activities are receiving the recognition they deserve.