National Honor Society rallies donations for Blue Valley, results continue decreasing

Showing off her bloody wings, senior Jess Cudaback poses in her homemade Dark Angel costume.

Nicole Buntgen, Co-Editor

The National Honor Society put on their annual food drive and costume contest to commemorate Halloween on Oct. 30 at David City High School as a way to celebrate the holiday while also making a difference in the lives of others.

In order to wear a costume to school, staff and students had to donate a can of food or at least $1, with all proceeds given to Blue Valley.

“The purpose of the food drive is to try to help Blue Valley commit their action by restocking their shelves coming into Thanksgiving. The idea is to cause awareness of hunger in the community and to have kids challenge each other to bring in more food items,” National Honor Society Sponsor Rob Scheffler said.

Each year, NHS racks up the amount of donations given by each class, with the winning class always receiving a prize. With last year’s prize being a pizza party, NHS carried on the “food” tradition by hosting a breakfast buffet for the winning senior class.

While the costume contest took a more broad approach last year, with winners for only one male student, one female student, and one teacher, NHS spiced things up a bit this year. Gift cards for $5 to Stop Inn and Dales were awarded to winners for funniest, scariest, and best duo costumes.

Winners for funniest costume included seventh grader Katie Belt, eighth graders Madison Soukup and Daphne Vizcarra, freshman Josie Cudaback, sophomore Payton McMillan, and junior Iris Prochaska. Scariest costume winners were eighth grader Vivian Palencia and junior Cali Ratkovec. And winning for best duo were juniors Kennedy Hecker and Allie Ingwersen.

“I wasn’t expecting it; I was surprised,” Hecker said. “This was a first-time thing for me, but it was a lot of fun!”

In cash, $40 was donated, along with 100 cans of food. Unfortunately, 21 cans donated had expired dates, so they were not allowed to be used. Scheffler said out of the three years he has been here as sponsor for NHS, results have gone down each year.

“My first year, classes were competitive. One class brought over 100 cans themselves just so they could beat another class,” Scheffler said. “A breakfast buffet was the prize. We were hoping that was enough to create challenges, but unfortunately that did not take off this year.”

Scheffler’s first year consisted of 400 cans and $100 in cash donated. Results since then have plummeted, with this year also consisting of the most expired cans donated.

“There’s less competition between classes because usually the seniors win, so everyone else doesn’t really care. It’s good for the seniors because we just automatically win, but it doesn’t feel as good to win something that you basically win by default,” senior Dustin Papa said. “Have fun, dress up for Halloween, and help your community at the same time.”