Volleyball gives all on court, loses against Tri County

Sophomore Olivia Couch and senior Ruth Behrens block an attack by the Trojans. Couch plays as the only sophomore on the varsity team.

Nicole Buntgen, Co-Editor

Stepping into Conference, the David City High School Scouts volleyball team suffered a loss against the Tri County Trojans at home on Oct. 19.

Starting their first set strong, the Scouts put eight points on the board while the Trojans followed with two. Unfortunately, the Scouts’ strong streak was short-lived as the Trojans began to catch up. The score sat at 13-11 with the Scouts still in the lead.

“I think we started out great, but in the end we lost momentum and got timid,” senior Jesse Grotelueschen said. “We were just trying to finish the set.”

Making their way past David City, Tri County stuck new numbers on the board as they lead 18-21. A time-out was called by Head Coach Emily Maresh.

“One error turned into three or four, which held us back in the game. We’ve got to get over the fact of making an error and being scared to be aggressive again,” Maresh said. “We have to play with a fearless attitude. If we do make a mistake, we have to take the same aggressive approach at the next ball that comes at us.”

Losing the first set, the Lady Scouts moved on to their next set, leaving behind their score of 19-25.

The Scouts made a comeback, bouncing back with a powerful beginning to the second set. The ladies led with a score of 8-2 as the Trojans trailed behind.

“We realized they were a team that we actually had to fight against. We couldn’t underestimate them, and we had to come together as a team,” sophomore Olivia Couch said.

Tri County caught up yet again, shifting the score to 16-13 with David City still in the lead. David City had a sturdy start to both sets until Tri County came back strong and bumped up their score.

“I had high hopes for the girls when they started off strong again,” Maresh said. “After dropping the first set and coming back with that kind of momentum and that kind of start, I knew that was going to be our turning point.”

The Scouts stepped up their game as their score skyrocketed to 23-18.

As the game came to a close, the tables turned as tension rose between both teams. The game was best two out of three, with a two-point lead taking the win in the final set.

David City seemed to have lost momentum as Tri County met them at 24-24, but this didn’t stop them from striking back with another point. Abruptly, Tri County drove back, leaving the score tied yet again at 25-25.

The Scouts didn’t seem satisfied, as they bounced back and added another point to the board. This left the Trojans unimpressed as they, too, scored another point for the supreme set. The score was now tied at 26-26.

“I had a lot of faith in my teammates that we were going to pull through, but I was also nervous because I knew how bad everybody wanted to win,” senior Katie Romshek said.

An out-of-bounds hit by David City put the ladies in jeopardy as Tri County advanced again. This didn’t last long as David City fired back, tying the score up at 27-27.

The Trojans furthered their score after the Scouts missed a hit, leaving the Scouts behind 27-28. The Scouts soared back as the score shifted to 28-28.

An attack by Tri County advanced their score a point. Before the game was thought to be just about over, sophomore Olivia Couch swooped in and slammed the ball onto Tri County’s side, tying the score yet again at 29-29.

But it didn’t stop there.

Mishandling another ball, the Trojans allowed a point for the Scouts, altering the score to 30-29 with the Scouts stealing the lead. The hype encompassing the gym left fans roaring for each of their teams.

“The gym was crazy, the bleachers were even shaking!” senior Devin Betzen said. “I felt really nervous for them, but everybody just wanted them to win. It was a really exciting game.”

Tri County added two more points to the board at 30-31. David City missed a hit executed by Tri County, leaving the Trojans victorious at 30-32.

“I just wanted to win because we’ve worked so hard for that moment until everything fell apart just like that,” Romshek said. “If we would have won the second set, we would have been able to move on to the third. But I knew it was going to be tough once they started catching up to us.”

The Scouts played the Wilber-Clatonia Wolverines in Milford the following day on Oct. 20, winning in two sets 25-11 and 25-14. Maresh said this was a hard game for the girls to stay in due to sloppy plays performed by the Wolverines. Maresh described it as “not your normal bump, set, spike kind of game.”

David City will return to Milford on Oct. 22 to face Milford. The girls will be playing for fifth and sixth position if they win their first game.

“The girls never gave up playing. I remind them all the time that there is no team that we are going to play that is going to just look at us and lay down,” Maresh said. “We have to bring our A game at all times. We have to be able to focus on one point at a time, not just the ending result.”