September Students of the Month

Scoop Staff


Seventh grade: Maya Couch is the daughter of Cortney and Heather Couch. She has two siblings: Olivia and Avery. Couch started her first year of volleyball and is excited for basketball and track later in the year. Outside of school, she spends her afternoons hanging out with her younger sister, watching YouTube videos, and being outside.

Couch’s tactic at being a leader is helping everyone. She wants everyone to succeed as much as they can, even if she’s not their best friend. Couch also said she believes in taking responsibility, or most of it, when you do something wrong.

“I try to make people laugh because I don’t like seeing people upset. I’ve got a good mood attitude,” Maya said. “Living life happier is a better life in my book.”

  • Who is your favorite Disney character and why? Mickey Mouse, because he’s original and I love original things. He was the first thing to start something amazing.
  • What is your favorite Disney movie and why? Probably Snow White. It’s more of the dwarves that I like more than the whole “sleeping beauty” thing.


Eighth grade: Spencer Allen is the son of Heather and Darrell Allen and brother to Stanley. Allen is involved in football, wrestling and track. He spends most of his free time outside of school working around the house with his parents and participating in his extra-curricular activities.

Allen has leader-like qualities that his teachers have noticed, including his determination, willingness to help other students, courteousness and his grades. When he found out he was the Student of the Month, the thoughts running through his mind were, “Are you serious? That’s amazing. This is the best thing that has happened to me.”

  • Who is your favorite Disney character and why? Simba, because he tried to save the people he loved, and get rid of the threat to them.
  • What is your favorite Disney movie and why? Monsters Inc., I’ve just loved it when I was a kid, and it has carried on to now. I really like it.”


Freshman: Sidney Soukup is the daughter of Joe and Shelly Soukup of David City. A few things she enjoys being involved in during school are FCCLA and band. When she’s not in school, Soukup likes spending her free time hanging out with her friends and family, including her two younger sisters, Madison and Reese.

After finding out she was chosen for Student of the Month, Soukup said she was shocked. She thinks she was picked because she is a caring and hardworking student. Soukup also added that she enjoys helping her classmates understand material being learned.

  • Who is your favorite Disney character and why? My favorite Disney character is Perdita because it is a character from my favorite movie.
  • What is your favorite Disney movie and why? My favorite Disney movie is One Hundred and One Dalmatians because it is a movie that I watched a lot as a child and have grown to love it.

Olivia Edited

Sophomore: Olivia Couch is the daughter of Cortney and Heather Couch and sister to Maya and Avery Couch. She is involved in volleyball, basketball, track and Student Council. When she has free time, Couch likes to study at home.

Couch feels that she was chosen to be the Student of the Month because she works hard, asks questions and tries to build a good relationship with all teachers. Couch also said she isn’t really a take-charge person, but if someone needs she will gladly help them.

Her first reaction to finding out she was Student of The Month was, “Oh. Maya and I both are Student of The Month!”

  • Who is your favorite Disney character and why? Peter Pan. It might be the thought of a grand adventure, but it’s been my favorite Disney movie for as long as I can remember.

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Junior: Ross Kirby is the son of Mark and Tina Kirby of David City. He has three siblings: Jared, Natalie and Riley. Kirby likes to keep busy in school by being involved in a variety of activities including football, basketball, track, Student Council and National Honor Society. He is also one of the captains on the football team. Kirby is also an Usher for Redeemer Lutheran Church in David City.

Kirby said he likes to lead others by example in many different ways by showing qualities of himself which include: striving to succeed, being kind to others, staying efficient with his work, caring about people’s opinions and wanting to be a good student in and out of school. He said he likes to spend his free time being with his friends and family.

“I am an honest person, and I go out of my way to help others. I work extremely hard in and out of school to try to be the best person I can be,” Kirby said. “I also lead by example on the football team.”

  • Who is your favorite Disney character and why? I would say my favorite character is Buzz off of Toy Story. Buzz has been my favorite character ever since I was a little boy, and he reminds me of myself. Buzz is a determined character and I think I am a determined person.


Senior: Ruth Behrens is the daughter of Kevin and Alice Jane Behrens of David City. She has one sister, Hannah, and two brothers, Seth and Malachi. Inside school, Behrens is involved in various sports and activities, including volleyball, basketball, track, STAY-U, Student Council, FCA, and Wellness Council. Outside school, Behrens spends most of her time at home with her family.

First finding out she was chosen for Student of the Month for September, Behrens said she was shocked. She believes she was chosen due to her exceptional leadership qualities and great relationships she holds with teachers and students at school.

  • Who is your favorite Disney character and why? I like Olaf from Frozen. I love the music, and I think it’s one of those movies that’s never going to get old.