Column: Pink passes waste time for students, teachers

Kasey Stallbaum

Kasey Stallbaum

Last year, when access period was introduced to David City High School, it was intended to help students get work done. But how are we, the student body, suppose to get work done if we are waiting in line for a pink pass. Pink passes were started at DCHS on Sept. 8, and since then have caused nothing but problems for students and teachers.

Pink passes were implemented to keep track of students in the hallways during access, but in this case, students are not being able to get into the hallways. To be able to leave your access classroom your teacher needs to write you a pink pass which includes where you are going and when you leave. The teacher  in which you are going to then has to sign the pass and write the time you leave there. This may seem like a simple process, but it’s not. It is a huge hassle for both the teacher and students.

Students are constantly waiting in a line at the teacher’s desk waiting for them to fill out a pink pass to have to wait again for another teacher to sign and prove they arrived. Doing so wastes time that you could be getting help from other teachers and finishing your work. It is also a pain when all you want to do is run to the bathroom, your locker, or to get a drink, but you can’t because you have to get a pink pass to leave.

In the case of teacher, he or she is bombarded with students asking for a pass. In a class of at least 15 students and only one teacher, my classmates are usually lined up waiting to receive a pass. Once a student returns they are right back at the teacher’s desk asking for yet another. Students asking for multiple passes a day are causing the actual pink passes to run low.

According to DCHS principal Cortney Couch, pink passes were reintroduced to ensure all students are accounted for and there is safety in the hallways. Pink passes force the student and the teacher to have a brief conversation about where the student is going, while helping other teachers and administration to see who has permission to be out and about.Though we have never been required to use pink passes, they have been around since before any of us students were even in high school.

In my opinion, pink passes should not be used at DCHS, but my one opinion is not going to change the administration’s decision to reintroduce them here. So instead, I’ll help everyone out with some tips. During access period, after receiving one pink pass do not throw it away. Instead, keep it and the teacher can cross out the past destinations and fill in the new one. This will save both time and paper. Another way teachers can reduce the time of filling out the passes is by having them pre-signed.That way all the teacher has to do is fill in the student’s name, destination, and time.

Although pink passes are a hassle and can waste time just remember that they do a serve a purpose and we the students have to respect that the administration is making the right decisions for our safety.