The Class of 2015

Allegra H.

Ben B.

I will my parking spot to upcoming Scouts.

Attending UNL

Major: Undecided

Ayla B.

I, Ayla B., will my funny and outgoing personality to Logan M., the shy guy.


 Tayler B.

I will my Cheez-Its to Mrs. Zegers.

Attending CCC

Major: Elementary Education

Uriel C.

I, Uriel C., will my crutches to Mrs. Novak because according to Mrs. Heins, she is getting old and her body is falling apart.


 Adriana C.

I will my hot rod to whomever can beat me in a race.

Attending UNO

Major: International Business

Davianne C.

I will my ability to make it into every honor band to Kylie H., and I will my fantastic editing skills to Maya P. so that she may revise her entire class’ scholarship essays.

Attending Hastings College

Major: English

Ben D.

I will my hair to Nicholas R.

Attending UNL

Major: Business

Jodi D.

I will my Special Olympics drive to my sister Elizabeth and encourage her to keep participating in her activities while she is in school.


Continued Education

Dustin D.

I will my ability to get a bottom locker every year to an unlucky freshman.

Attending Doane College

Major: Environmental Science

Kyra F.

I will the ability to eat anything you want and not gain a pound to my sister Mikhayla. I also will my dedication to FFA to Bryanna.

Attending UNL

Major: Agriculture Education

Megan F.

I will my old trumpet to Kylie H. because I want her to be a part of the silver and bronze trumpet club.

Attending CCC

Major: Music Education

Celine F.

I will my pep to Kaylyn D. for the next couple years that she will be in cheer. I will all my incomplete accounting assignments to Mariah H., and I will the change in my piggy bank to Logan P., who never has a dollar for breakfast.

Workforce, then CCC

Major: Psychology

Maria F.

I will my top locker to Autumn G. I will my spot on the top of the risers in choir to Autumn G., Jordan L., Kyle F., and Sabra M. if they choose to be in choir next year.

Attending CCC

Major: Nursing

Allegra H.

I will my cacophonous laugh to Pam Schmid so it will continue reverberating through DCHS and even be echoed through the intercom.

Attending UNO

Major: Communications

 Ty H.

I will my cheer and dance abilities to the 2015-2016 cheer and dance teams.

Attending Midland University

Major: Arts Management

John J.

I will my speed to Colin V.

Attending CCC

Major: Accounting

Jake K.

I, Jake K., will my Hump Day t-shirt and the ability to correctly say, “Hump Day…Yeah” to all students to brighten the middle of the school week.

Attending CCC

Major: Theatre

Jane M.

I will all of my clothing in Alesha’s closet to Alesha R. But honestly, I want it back.

Attending Briar Cliff University

Major: Biochemistry Pre-Med

Konner M.

I will Capitán Konner to the rest of the school.

Attending Northwest Missouri State

Major: Social Sciences

Sarah M.

I will the gum wrappers that Meredith leaves on my desk almost every day 6th period to the trash can where they belong.

Attending CCC

Major: Early Childhood

Carl M.

I will nothing. I am selfish.

Attending Peru State College

Major: Accounting

Jeremy M.

I would like to will my construction skills to Logan M. to help him become a more confident carpenter.

Attending Northeast Community College

Major: Automotive Technology

 Tony M.

I will my scaly, dry skin to any girl who has delicious scented moisturizing lotion.

Attending UNL

Major: Civil Engineering

Andrew M.

I, Andrew M., will my talkative spirit to Matthew D.

Continued Education

Tyra M.

I will my style of socks and sandals to whoever wants to take up the responsibility.

Attending Southeast Community College

Major: Nursing

Alvaro M.

I will my responsibility to all the students who will accomplish a lot in high school.

Attending Doane College

Major: Theatre

Alex M.

I will my unserved detentions and homework academies to Waleed R. and Wesley U.

Attending Northeast Community College

Major: Autobody and Collision

Carmen M.

I will my office aid position to the next person who likes to run around the school. I will my One Direction poster to Morgan H. and Maddy H. so they continue to fangirl. I also will away my courage to the next girl who dares to be bold and different.

Attending Musician’s Institute

Major: Vocal Performance

Cody N.

I will my hard work ethic to my younger friends, my sister, and my brother.

Attending UNK

Major: Business Management and Accounting

Kaylee P.

I will my ability to see the good in life and people everywhere to Kelsey P. I will my color abilities to Ashlee S. May she use them wisely!

Attending UNO

Major: Social Work

Justine P.

I will all my unfinished stories (four of them) to Maya P. so that she can finish them with the awesomeness I know she has.

Attending UNK

Major: Molecular Biology

Hope R.

I will my point guard ability to Lydia O.

Attending UNK

Major: Nursing

Adam R.

I, Adam Robert R., will my SWAG to Ed Sieck. I, Adam Robert R., will my beard to Adam Ebbeka. I, Adam Robert R., will my laptop to both Mr. Ebbeka and Mr. Sieck. I, Adam Robert R., will my lobster saying to Jacson V. (It’s an FCA thing).

Attending Wayne State College

Major: Industrial Technology Education

Cody S.

I will my wrestling skills to Dustin P.

Attending CCC, then Wayne State College

Major: Physical education

Kylie S.

I will my half-broken, near-death computer to the incoming freshmen, so they can have the same problems that I had throughout my senior year.

Attending Northeast Community College

Major: Veterinary Medicine

Jonah S.

I will my rebounding skills to Jackson H., who will be the next LeBron James.

Attending Wayne State College

Major: Pre-Medicine

Kelsey S.

I will my responsibility and good behavior to the kids that like to cause trouble. I also will my good name in the school to my sister.

Attending Wayne State College

Major: Agricultural Education

Catherine S.

I will my PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) to Mr. Ferg.

Workforce, then Northeast Community College

Major: Criminal Justice

David T.

I will my ability to go hard in the weight room and to put on weight to Seth S. He needs it bad.

Attending UNL

Major: Agronomy

Kendra T.

I will my empty accounting notebook to Mr. Knobbe so he can give it to a student that will actually take notes.

Attending Peru State College

Major: Psychology

Jayme T.

I will my will to will my will to Will (D.)

Attending CCC


Michael V.

I will my parking spot to Wyatt P.

Attending Doane College

Major: Math Education

Lucaus V.

I, Lucaus V., will my fashion style to Mr. Couch.

Attending Northeast Community College

Major: Auto Technology

 Meredith W.

I will my shortness to “Cubby Bear” (Jackson H.), and my sneaky whiteboard erasing skills to whomever has a class with Ms. Maresh.

Attending Northeast Community College

Major: Veterinary Medicine

Michael W.

I will my ability to find the fun in everything to everyone in the school because people need to have fun when it comes to education and other stuff.

Attending Northeast Community College

Major: Auto Repair

Emily W.

I will my fantastic musical abilities and my skills leading drum line these past two years to my baby sister Sarah and then those who follow.

Attending Wayne State College

Major: Speech Communications and Speech Pathology