Senior Ty H. signs letter of intent to continue dance career

Front row: Ty’s step dad, Mike Smith, senior Ty H., and Ty’s mother, Laura Smith. Back row: DCHS cheer coach Tiffany Heins, Midland Director of Dance Trish Ryan, and DCHS Platinum Dance coach Ainslee Kroenke.

Becca M.

After only two years in studio dance and one year on the David City High School Platinum Dance Team, senior Ty H. signed his letter of intent on April 22 to join the dance team at Midland University next year and to study arts management and business.

Ty said he chose Midland mainly due to what their dance program has to offer. Ty will be a part of the university’s game day team which performs at sporting events. Additionally, Ty said he plans to try out for Midland’s competition dance team in October.

After talking to Trish Ryan, Director of Dance at Midland, Ty said he expects the skill level to increase and the commitment level to increase due to more frequent practices.

“[Midland is] going to be a lot tougher, a lot harder, and they are going to push us more so we can accomplish more,” Ty said. “I think this will be good because there is definitely a lot more to learn in dance than I have already learned in the past two years.”

Following his tryout in April, Ty said he found out he will attend summer camp with the Midland team because he was one of the top scorers.

“We are excited to add another strong male dancer to our team and are excited for his tumbling ability and smiling personality,” Ryan said. “He has made an impression on me. I’m always looking for that in practice.”

Ty said he is also looking forward to just improving his dance skills.

“When Ty puts his mind to it, he can learn any new skill in a short amount of time,” Platinum Dance coach Ainslee Kroenke said. “He works so hard and doesn’t give up until he has the new skill down. The amount he has learned in only a couple years is amazing. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future.”

While he will miss performing in high school, Ty said he is excited to move on in his dance career.

“I am looking forward to getting to perform in front of crowds again because I’m definitely going to miss that,” Ty said. “It’s one of my favorite parts about being on the dance team.”