Return of Wellness Wednesdays provides refreshing smoothies for students


Allegra H.

Junior Sadee J. and Wellness Council Sponsor Amy Sander prepare and sell smoothies for Wellness Wednesdays. Wellness Wednesday smoothies were created three years ago to provide a healthy, after-school snack for students.

Kaylee P.

Wellness Wednesdays are back for students to purchase smoothies for $1 after school in the concessions.

“With the onset of warmer weather, it was decided that students may like a cool treat to end their days. Many of the track students grab one before heading to track,” Wellness Council Sponsor Amy Sander said. “This gives them a good burst of energy.”

Wellness Wednesdays were implemented three years ago by the Wellness Council. The Wellness Council donates the proceeds from their fund back to the school for programs, such as the Backpack program, and provides healthy treats for the school.

“I think it has affected the school. I think the school is healthier when it comes to smoothies,” Junior Ruth B. said. “[The students] love the smoothies and there are more people that come every week. It is awesome.”

Wellness Council members are encouraged to help prepare and sell smoothies. Those who volunteer meet during Access every Wednesday to start preparation.

While the Wellness Council currently offers strawberry-banana or peach-mango-pineapple smoothies, they hope to add more flavors, Sander said.

This year Sander said she wanted more members to get involved in the smoothie production. Wellness Council members are needed to make smoothies and to help sell the smoothies.

“I joined Wellness Council because I want to be a part of an organization that promoted healthiness,” senior Carmen M. said. “Helping with Wellness Wednesdays makes me feel like I can make a difference even if it is a small one.”