Buffing up weight room increases opportunities at DCPS

Executing the bench press, senior Michael V. utilizes the new equipment. The new equipment was contributed by the David City Booster Club with funding approval by the school board.

Jonah S.

Over the past year, the David City Booster Club and funding approval from the school board have contributed nearly $30,000 to replace and revamp the weight room used by weights classes and athletes in David City Public Schools.

In the spring of last year, the weight room received two glute-ham machines, a functional trainer, two new rolling benches, and a leg press. This year the school board and Booster Club ordered seven olympic bars, colored York Barbell weights, a dumbbell set and rack with rubber weights up to 100lbs, and a lat-pulldown machine. A stationary bike that will be used for cardio, as well as rehab for injured athletes, was also purchased.

“Coaches are the ones who know what their athletes and programs need to be successful,” school board president Julie Danielson said. “Several of them presented their case to the board for new weight room equipment, and in the distant future, a new weight room. We supported their vision.”

In addition to funding approval from the Booster Club and other school funds, student athletes will be raising money for the new equipment on April 18 at the annual Lift-a-Thon. At this event, donors can either pledge money per pound, or they can give a flat donation. Any business that donates over $50 will have its name on the home volleyball, softball, and basketball programs. Last year students raised $3,100.  Head football coach Amp Ferg said he hopes to get more people involved in order to raise $5,000 or more.

“The goal is to get as many people to pledge money towards each of the four lifts we do,” Ferg said. “We do bench, squat, hang clean, and incline press. The money raised goes to the purchase of new equipment, so we hope the athletes can get their best max-outs in the effort to get the most money.”

While the weight room is getting updated, coaches, school board members, and booster club members hope the update will spark more interest in DCPS students.

“Our old equipment was functional, but we need to get more kids excited about being in the weight room,” Ferg said. “If we can get new equipment that is safe and clean, it will hopefully attract more boys and girls in the room.”

The equipment won’t just help athletes, though. It will be used throughout high school weights classes and even utilized by the middle school.

“The new equipment will give my classes a new and different look with a lot of different exercises and lifts that can be incorporated into class workouts,” high school fitness training teacher Emily Maresh said. “All of the equipment makes the weight room look cleaner, which will be more attractive to students. The different colors of the weights really brightens up the weight room and gives it a different attitude.”

The functional trainer, used for upper and lower body specific muscles, is one of junior Devin B.’s favorite pieces of equipment to use. He is currently working out for the upcoming football season, and Devin also participates in basketball. Devin said he hopes that the new equipment will not only help him, but also the athletes that compete with him.

“It seems easier to use, less complicated, and allows you to lift more,” Devin said. “I believe that it will help players push themselves more, allowing them to lift faster and get more out of their lift.”

Ferg said there was one major piece of equipment he still desires: new half racks. New half racks will replace old squat racks, and old benches, and allow athletes to perform the hang clean lift. They run about $3,700 a piece and Ferg said he hopes to get six of them.

The only problem is the half racks are seven to eight feet tall, while the ceiling in the current weight room is only seven feet tall, therefore, the racks can’t be purchased until there is more room.

The only way to expand space is to build a new weight room. Students, coaches, school board members, and booster club members have discussed different ideas for a new weight room but have not decided on anything.

“There has been some preliminary discussions to build a new weight room sometime in the near future, but until one is built, we would have to wait to purchase the half racks in order to utilize them.” Ferg said.