Cheer, dance teams welcome new members


Nicole B.

Accepting her congratulatory gift, eighth grader Allie D. talks to dance coach Ainslee Kroenke about upcoming dance team events. Allie will be joining seven veteran dancers to complete the 2015-2016 Platinum Dance team.

Kaylee P.

Prospective cheerleaders and dancers gathered for tryouts on March 20 to determine next year’s cheer and dance teams.

Joining the dance team for the first time will be eighth grader Allie D. Returning members include freshman Renee B., sophomores Allie I., Brandy B., and Kasey S., and juniors Alesha R., Jesse G., and Nicole B.

The cheer team will be welcoming four new members: eighth grader Ariah S., sophomore Allie I., and juniors Morgan H. and Hannah V. Returning cheerleaders include freshman Kayli L., sophomores Kaylyn D. and Kennedy H., and juniors Natalie K. and Trinity S.

“When I first saw my name on the list, I screamed it throughout my house, and I couldn’t stop smiling. It almost brought me to tears,” Morgan said.

Prior to trying out, the students interested in joining the teams had to attend an informational meeting and a clinic where they learned the routines for tryouts.

“I just hope to have a lot of fun and to be able to learn a lot from the [cheer] team and to make myself a better dancer,” Allie I. said.

To make the teams, students had to meet certain expectations. Cheerleaders were judged on two cheers, a pom dance, and various jumps. The dancers were scored on two dances and various dance skills. Participants for both squads were also selected based on teacher evaluations. Finally, the students’ attitudes and effort were scored at the tryout clinic.

“We look for people who have good character and are good representatives of the school and our organizations,” dance team coach Ainslee Kroenke said. “Not only do we want talented dancers and cheerleaders, but we also want to increase the morale of the school.

This year the cheer team will say goodbye to seniors Celine F., Megan F., Ty H., and Emily W. The dance team will be graduating Megan, Ty, and Jane M.

“[I will miss] cheering in general because I’m not going to cheer in college,” Emily said. “I am going to miss the girls and Ty.”