NHS inducts new members, ignites ten torches

Symbolizing the lighting of a torch, NHS Vice President senior Jane M. shares the flame from the candle of Truth and Knowledge. Once the candles were lit, the inductees recited the NHS Pledge.

Maya P., Co-Editor

David City High School’s National Honor Society Chapter welcomed 10 new members on March 17 during the annual Induction Ceremony.

A total of 27 students were deemed eligible, with 19 applying. The 10 selected were sophomores Kaylyn D., Evan F., Destiny G., Kylie H., Ross K., and Becca M., juniors Mariah H. and Anthony T., and seniors Megan F. and Kaylee P.

NHS inducts students who have achieved academic excellence, displayed good character, demonstrated leadership qualities, and served the school and community. Any sophomore, junior, or senior with at least a 91.5 grade point average is eligible to apply. Once that is determined, the committee rates and evaluates their leadership, character, and amount of community service performed.

“As students start looking at colleges and getting into their senior year, they realize they need to set themselves apart, and NHS is a great way to do that,” NHS adviser Rob Scheffler said. “If you’re qualified to be in NHS, that’s something that will help you on your application for college.”

The ceremony commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance and a welcome by NHS President senior Allegra H., followed by the candle lighting ceremony. Vice President senior Jane M. then lit the candles of the inductees to symbolize lighting their “torch,” and Scheffler led them in the NHS pledge. After the ceremony was completed, the new members signed into the membership roster. The NHS members and their families were then served a meal prepared by DCHS’s FCS class.

“It is a pretty big honor to be chosen for the National Honor Society, and it means a lot to me. I can be active in more activities at school and have higher expectations for myself,” Evan said. “I believe I was chosen not just for my grades, but because I am active in extracurricular activities and set a positive example during class.”