DCHS provides community with gym for recreational basketball

Community member Ron Semrad goes up for a shot while competitors run to box out and rebound the ball.

Kasey S.

The David City High School Activities Center may only be seen as a gym for teenagers to practice and play in, but one night a week adult community members take over the court for their own game of basketball.

The gym doors open at 7 p.m. for an hour on Sunday nights for anyone from the community who does not play on an actual basketball team. The season started in November and ends in April.

“The games are not to be seen as a league, but just a friendly game of basketball between whomever decides to show up that week,” Ferg said. “Some weeks we might only have 15 guys show up, and others we may have 40.”

Ferg has been involved with the community basketball team for the past five years, but he said it started long before he got involved. Along with Ferg , English teacher Jarod Ockander has also played in the games as a way to stay in shape while also making memories.

“My biggest memory is people getting hurt,” Ockander said. “A guy on my team was on a fast break, and he tore his Achilles on his way down. He thought we kicked him, but no one touched him; he just went straight down.”

While the games are not official, it is a way for community members to continue their love for playing the game of basketball.

“I think it provides a way to stay competitive, but also to just have fun and show just how good you still are,” Ferg said.