Taking more chances, dancing more dances

Sophomore Allie I. dances to “Treasure” at halftime during the boys basketball game on Feb. 13. This is Allie’s first year participating on the Platinum Dance team, one of the school’s spirit squads.

Nicole B., Co-Editor

Center stage. The spotlight’s on you. A hush falls over the crowd as you take the floor. Your time is now.

Executing countless performances a year, sophomore Allie I. has dedicated the last 12 years of her life to dance.

Allie was first introduced to dance by her aunt, Desiree Johnson, owner of Desiree’s Dance Studio in David City, and her grandma, Barb Ramaekers, owner of Barb’s School of Dance in Columbus. Allie also grew up watching her older sister, 2014 David City High School graduate Evie I., partake in dance.

“Evie started first, and then once I saw Evie performing it made me feel like I wanted to do it,” Allie said. “I thought it would be a lot of fun, so my family decided to put me in classes and I ended up falling in love with it.”

Through her years in dance, Allie has participated in a variety of classes and finds enjoyment in all of them. Allie said she feels because dance is in her family, it’s in her blood.

“Allie is fun and energetic. Teaching her over the years has been a real treat to see her grow and change and advance not only in dance, but as an individual as well,” Desiree’s Dance Studio Instructor Kayla Robertson said.

Allie joined Desiree’s when she was three years old. Growing up in a dance family, Allie said she feels her life is very different from her friends’ lives.

“I’ve been helping with and going to recitals since I was able to walk. I’ve been watching other studios and other performers dance for so long,” Allie said. “I kind of introduced my friends to studio dance, so I feel like I brought them into it and it makes me feel good.”

Allie participates in various classes at Desiree’s Dance Studio, including clogging, hip-hop, Irish step, competitive cheer, tap, jazz, lyrical, and a contemporary duet with fellow dancer, senior Ty H.

“Since my aunt and my grandma [are the owners], it’s been a huge bonus for me because I don’t know if I would be able to do [dance] if they weren’t. It’s so expensive and I’m in so many classes, so I’m really lucky to have that,” Allie said. “I just have to buy my shoes, and everything else is free.”

Allie and Ty had been asking to perform a duet for over a year until Johnson finally offered to teach the two a dance.

“[Allie’s] really fun and easy to get along with; we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember,” Ty said. “She’s a really good dancer which makes it even better to work with her because everything flows so easily.”

Allie first realized dance was the love of her life in seventh grade when it started taking over sports. Dropping out of sports after middle school, Allie now focuses on school and dance.

“I like that you can express feelings through different types of dance. That’s why I take so many different classes,” Allie said. “I really like ballet or lyrical because I have good technique and I can really feel the dances. I can get into them easily and I know that I’m doing them right because those are the classes I’ve been the best at my whole life.”

Along with Desiree’s Dance Studio, Allie has also been a part of the David City High School Platinum Dance Team for one year. Although Allie is very passionate about dance, she waited to try out for Platinum Dance until her sophomore year.

“I was nervous and I didn’t want to fail and feel embarrassed because none of my friends were trying out with me,” Allie said. “I used to think in seventh and eighth grade, ‘I don’t think I’m going to make it on that, so I’m not even going to try.’ I’m way more confident now and it’s definitely boosted my self-esteem.”

In the future, Allie would like to help at Desiree’s Dance Studio during college as a substitute or teacher for the younger classes. Allie also plans on looking into joining a dance team when she enters college.

“It’s been my go-to. If I’m bored, I’ll turn on music and dance. If I’m sad, I’ll listen to music and dance. It’s something that’s always been there,” Allie said. “I’m really stressed, and when I go to dance I feel like everything else doesn’t matter because I’m at dance. It helps me forget about the bad things.”