Totem of Life

Seniors Prepare for Graduation


Jerrianne Cudaback, Staff Writer

The senior class, shown here at the beginning of their journey back in August, are now preparing to end the high school chapter of their story with Graduation on May 14th.

As you age, you level up on the totem pole of life. We all start life as little babies and then develop into little kindergarteners. From kindergarten we age, learn, and develop into young third graders. Then from third grade we become the rulers of the playground as sixth graders. We climbed the totem pole of life from babies to kings and queens of the elementary school. In the year that follows, we drop to the bottom of the totem pole as middle schoolers. It takes five years from seventh grade to reach your senior year. As a senior, you are the “top dog” of the school. This 2022 senior class has leveled up on the totem pole of life and now the next step is graduation. Graduation is a huge level on the totem pole, transitioning students from kids to adults. In just a few weeks the 2022 class will be graduating and a lot of emotions will be going crazy. 

When asked how she feels about graduating in a few weeks, Breanna Slonecker states that she is, “Scared, a part of me can’t believe it but another part of me is excited about the next chapter in my life.” Graduating is a lot to take in, as seniors have to finish strong and keep their grades up to graduate.To only think that the senior class will be graduating in just a few weeks is mind-blowing. 

Graduation is a very emotional moment on the totem pole of life, but graduation also marks a new beginning in life. Neely Behrns states that, “I’m nervous and obviously a little bit sad to be leaving behind everything I’ve ever known. With that being said, I’m ready to start a new and unknown chapter of my life.” 

Senior Neely Behrns prepping to shoot the winning basket of the Girls home Basketball tournament.

Because the seniors will be graduating in a few weeks, they want to leave behind words of wisdom for the future students of David City High School. 

“Never procrastinate, always get your work done! Good grades get you farther than what you think.” -Jaley Schultz

“Time goes by so fast so use it wisely and you need to keep ahead of assignments no matter what.” -Rylee Schmid

“Don’t leave any regrets that you’re going to look bad and wish you did do something. If you have a question, ask it. I promise teachers don’t bite, and they’re wanting to help you”. -Zach Bongers

Senior Ethan Underwood poses for the camera during prom.

One huge tip in the totem pole of life is by a fellow senior, Ethan Underwood. He states that, “Your high school years fly by so don’t say, ‘Oh I have next year,’ because sooner than later you’ll be graduating. Don’t be afraid to make memories with your friends and get out of your shell.”