Singing Sensation!


Ava Schlotfeld, Staff Writer


Twelve of the fourteen choir students were elected to attend an honor choir festival at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. Originally this festival was to take place on January 24th, 2022 but was moved back to April 4th. Each choir student grade 10 and up submitted an audition in October, 2021, and went from there.

“I honestly didn’t think [that] I would get in, so I’m pretty happy that I made it in,” said Cassidy Wieser, a junior at David City High School.

Autumn Lindsley, Cassidy Wieser, Drew Whitney, Hailie Fuller, and Hayleigh Larsen were accepted into the Women’s Chorus. Dominic Prothman, Hunter Hlavac, Kaidence Morlan, and Tristan Schmit were accepted into the Festival Choir. Lastly, Angel Carias, Ava Schlotfeld, and Nicholas Carlson were accepted into the Honor Choir, which is the top choir of the festival.

On January 17th, Mr. Brumm, the music director at DCHS, sent out an email that disappointed many of the choir students. “I regret to inform you, but the UNK Honor Choir has been canceled for next Monday,” said Brumm.

Dr. Brian Alber, the associate professor of music at UNK, had to postpone the festival in January due to an increase in COVID-19 cases and a mask mandate on the campus. The sponsors of the event did their best to find a date that would work for most students elected, but are understanding that some students may not be able to attend due to track or golf, and some may prefer not to attend because the state mandated ACT is on April 5th. 

“I [was] pretty excited for UNK, mainly because Mr. Brumm hypes it up so much,” said Wieser. Many of the juniors have decided to stay at school to get rest the night before the ACT. Only seven of the students will be going to the choir festival.  

Many of the students were upset about the event being canceled. It’s one of the few times that the students are able to get feedback from other music directors. As a small school, they don’t have many events to attend besides the music concerts at the school. The only other event the students have is District Music. Also, the UNK Honor Choir Festival is almost a tradition to the students. Some of the students go every year that they are eligible to (10-12 grade). Unfortunately, the past few years they haven’t been able to experience it in the traditional sense. In 2021 COVID-19 cases were still high so they canceled the event early on, but sent all that auditioned gifts in the mail, a UNK lanyard and a UNK Music Department bracelet. This year they had to postpone the event. Traditionally, the students go to Dunkin Donuts early in the morning. In the evening they go out for supper and they would play laser tag and usually wouldn’t be back home until 11pm-12am. This year, the students will leave the school at 5am and be back by 9:30pm-10pm and will not be able to play laser tag.

“I’m excited to [understand] what it looks like and [how it] functions!” said Angel Carias, a junior at DCHS.


 Link for the livestream of the event, Monday, April 4th at 5pm: