Gaming in Schools

Is Gaming in School a Problem?

Think about it: you are sitting in class and there are about 5-10 minutes of class left. You decide to pull out your phone and play one of the many games you have on it and notice that most of your fellow classmates are on their phones, too. Many say that playing video games is a waste of time and others say that it’s the best thing that has happened to them. If you were to ask me, I would say that video games are both a blessing and a curse. Yes, they can bring endless hours of enjoyment but the problem with them is that they waste numerous amounts of time. 

Now some of this time cuts into school and into class time. Many teachers don’t know it but their students game during their teaching time. This may be because their students don’t want to learn about what they are teaching, students think the class is boring, or they just plain don’t care what the teacher thinks of them and don’t care what happens. In a survey of local high school students, it was found that 58% of students who responded said that they game during class when the teacher is teaching. About 28% of students said that they play video games on average for about 30 minutes to 8 hours!

 Teachers have many opinions about student gaming in their classes. History teacher Mr. Van Winkle said,  “I feel that it is limiting their overall performance and they can get so much more out of class if they choose not to partake.” This is an example of why video games in school are a bad thing. According to some teachers, they believe that video games are limiting students’ learning time and are keeping them from being able to learn more in class. 

Students don’t necessarily disagree.  An anonymous user said in the survey that,  “[Gaming’s] addicting, we all know it’s a problem but it’s fun so we don’t fix it.” Now, this quote is not saying that video games are bad but is showing that we as students know that video games during school are bad.  However, we have so much fun doing it that we don’t want to stop and fix it. Some students find that gaming in school is very annoying and is a waste of time. Many find that while in class and trying to work listening and hearing gaming going on in class is a big distraction and is very annoying. This is one of the reasons why gaming in school can be bad and be a huge disservice to students. 

Some teachers think that taking away students’ phones is a way to make gaming stop in schools.  Welding teacher Mr. Theim says, “The only way I think to limit or eliminate it is to get rid of phones and computers in classrooms.”

The principal is the person that sets up the foundation of the school. They are the people that we are sent to when we are bad, the person that we can talk to when there is a problem in the school.  Now a principal can have his own opinions on what he or she thinks about gaming going on at their school. The principal of our school, Mr. Couch says “So if you’re talking about gaming, if you’re talking about somebody who is playing a game while a teacher is presenting notes or if they are playing a game while they are supposed to be doing homework, then I don’t feel very good about that because I feel like it is an obstacle to learning, and if you’re talking about a game that is being played during free time I don’t necessarily have a problem with that at all because I don’t have a problem with video games in general.” This is how many principals are: they don’t hate video games, they just don’t like how students spend their time. 

Although video games can be a distraction, there are also some benefits to allowing them in school.

Mr. Theim says, “Video games can keep students quiet while others do homework and they can stay focused on homework and not on what the others are doing.” Now this  leads into how students like to game in school to help with relaxation and just coping with how the world is now .

Junior Angel Carias says, “Honestly, video games are a great way to entertain people and a great way to relieve stress. From my personal experience, I think video games relieve my stress about other things and it just helps me escape the reality that is the covid world and is just a way to help me cope.” I find video games a way to relax and a way to calm down and be able to enjoy the day.  In the end, I feel that video games aren’t a bad thing in schools, it’s just how students use them to not focus on class.

Picture this: you’re in class and you have about five minutes of class left and you decide to pull your phone out and play a few video games. You notice that most of your classmates have their phones out and are playing a certain video game. In the end, we can see how gaming in school can affect how students learn and how it can affect their lives. Like our anonymous user said, “It’s addicting, we all know it’s a problem but it’s fun so we don’t fix it.”