The End

Senior Signing Day


Don, a custodian at DCHS, stands with the graduates.

Ava Schlotfeld, Staff Writer

David City High School’s seniors’ high school careers have come to an end. May 12th, 2021 was the last day of school, and Senior Signing Day for those that attended DCHS. They’ve said their goodbyes to their younger friends and to their favorite teachers and are now on their way to adulthood, and for many, college.

Scout nation is excited and nervous for the 2021 seniors and also proud of them, yet sad to see them go. Many of them are also excited to be leaving, yet nervous.

“I am really excited to share my future plans with everyone at school, but it is a little sad that I’m finally one of the people doing that,” said Payton Andel.

Andel is planning to attend Wayne State College to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science to continue her love of working with people. She said her favorite subjects have been anatomy, health, and strength training which have made her love of exercise science stronger. 

“I am feeling totally excited yet totally terrified for Senior Signing Day. Senior Signing Day is the last day of school for me, and that makes me really excited!” said Maya Couch. “These past weeks have been difficult in terms of schoolwork and how busy I’ve been. After that last day, all of that will calm down. Yet, at the same time, I will never be here again. I will never participate in another season of extracurricular activities, I will never walk these halls and greet everyone with a “Good morning”, and I will never be a high schooler again.”

Couch plans on attending Wayne State College next year. She chose Business Administration for her major because she’s undecided in what she wants to do after college, but knows that she can use a business degree almost anywhere. 

Senior Signing Day is one of the days many seniors look forward to annually knowing that, one, it’s their last day of high school, two, they get to share their future plans with those that are in their community. Being in a smaller community might make it even that much better, everyone gets together to celebrate.

“I am a little nervous because it’s a big moment and [it] will be one of the last times I see some of [my classmates],” said Ethan Zegers.

Zegers plans to go to Northeast Community College in Norfolk and will be going into heating, ventilation, and air conditioning because it’s hands-on. He chose HVAC to have something to do to earn money when he isn’t farming. 

Many of these seniors have advice regarding schoolwork for the upcoming seniors and underclassmen.

“Try not to procrastinate,” said Clayton Harris, “The best way to do this is planning for when you are going to START a project rather than looking at how much time you have left to complete it. In other words, plan for a start date, not a finish date.”

Couch says to do what makes you happy, don’t stick with bad friends, don’t stay in a sport you don’t like. She says there isn’t enough time to waste it on things you don’t like. You have complete control over your life, so don’t let others convince you otherwise. She says happiness can be hard to find, but if you surround yourself with the things you enjoy, it’s a lot easier.

“And of course, stay classy–Scout Nation,” said Couch.