New Addition here at DCHS


Nancy Howlett, editor

Here at David City High School, we have been completing our new addition. As most people know we recently had built our new commons & our new state-of-the-art weight room! At the beginning of this year, they have started building the new addition. In this addition, there will be many new classrooms. A majority of the classrooms for the fine arts will go into the new addition. The office will also be transferred into the new building. Some may ask what is going to happen to the old classrooms in the older building? Well, most classrooms will be expanding. Mrs. Chemelka’s classroom will now become one with the art room and Ms. Oltjenbruns’ classroom will be expanding into the ELL room. 

To help me get more insight on the new addition, I had the chance to interview Mrs. Noonan and Mr.Couch about how they felt about the new addition. For this story, I started by interviewing Mrs.Noonan. The first question I had asked her about how she felt about moving and getting a new Art Room.  She said that she was “excited and a little nervous” to start being able to create new pieces of art and possibly teach students better with new learning surroundings. 

I’m going to be able to create many new pieces of artwork and be able to have new ways to create this art,” Noonan said. She was also excited to be able to have many new pieces of furniture like art desks, new drying & turning-in racks, and even new pottery wheels!  After interviewing Mrs. Noonan about moving to her new and improved classroom, she gave me an excellent idea about how many teachers are excited to move.

 After finding this new information, I had to talk to the principal, Mr.Couch, about how he felt about this new addition. His answer was very straightforward and informational  “I have different feelings right now. I mean, it’s obviously pretty exciting! But at the same time, there’s a little bit of stress and anxiety until everything is actually done. The best part is that it’s going to impact almost every teacher in the building, and it certainly will have a significant impact on every student. Our students deserve the best we can give them, and this addition is one more example of our school doing everything we can to make sure that our students have the best facilities and opportunities.”

 I then had the chance to ask him how the new addition will benefit our students in the future? He then responded with, “Space is important. It’s easier to learn when you’re not crammed into a small room. Some of the classrooms in our building are great, but some are a little small. In Science, for example, teachers will now have a dedicated space where they can teach the classroom part of the lesson and another area in their room where they can conduct hands-on lab work. We don’t have space like that right now.”

I totally agree with Couch. Throughout the years I have been here at DCHS, when I was placed in a room with very little space, it has often been hard for me and others to be able to really focus on what is asked of us. This New Addition is going to be full of new memories and definitely plenty of space for those new ideas. David City high school will constantly be growing with plenty more additions and much more room for more students who join us.

 With that being said, Mr.Couch then went in-depth about some of the rooms that will be included with the Addition. “The new addition will also have small testing rooms for students who have to test one-on-one with a staff member, and it will have small and large conference rooms for when groups of students need to test. For example, when we have to have students make up MAP tests or NSCAS tests, we have to close the library because we have no other place to test them. Now, we will have dedicated spaces for that to happen, and we won’t have to close down the library. All math and science classes will be in the new addition, which means all students will have the opportunity to have classes there.”  

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The entryway for the new addition.
Nancy Howlett
Nancy Howlett