Prom. Finally.

Braxton Small, Contributor

After two long years, David City High School once again held its prom. Featuring a luau theme, this year’s prom was not only a first for many of our juniors but also our seniors due to Covid-19 cancelling last year’s prom. This left a number of students prepared for a night that wasn’t going to happen.

“I bought my dress at the beginning of last March- I didn’t even know we were going to get kicked out of school at that point and I thought I was going to have a blast. I had everything ready for prom and I didn’t get to use them. It made me sad because it wasn’t only my prom, but also last year’s seniors’ prom and they couldn’t go,” said Jasmyne McDonald, a senior.

Though the lack of a prom last year was disappointing for many, there was still a large possibility of prom being cancelled once again. 

“Originally we didn’t even know if we were going to have a prom. We just monitored the risk dial as we got closer and closer,” junior class sponsor, Mrs. Sander stated. 

Sander alluded that finding a balance between a traditional prom and Covid guidelines was a driving force throughout planning for prom. 

“We had the decision of ‘do we allow outside dates or not?’ …Eventually we were at the point where masks are recommended- not required… Going off the risk dial and recommendations from the administration, we just wanted to put up the best prom because we didn’t have one last year.”

Masks were recommended for those who were attending prom, but for prom servers as well as parents and guests attending the grand march, masks were required. 

The grand march held at 8 was followed by the dance in the lower level of the auditorium. Fitting the luau theme, cabana standees were set up and grass skirts and flowers decorated the pillars. Leis were handed out at postprom. Postprom was held at the high school, housing activities such as laser tag, cornhole, a mechanical bull, and multiple inflatables. Postprom attendees were also entered into a raffle and were eligible to win prizes including gift cards, cash, and even mini fridges.

Senior boys line up for a photo. (Nancy Howlett)

Jerri Cudabeck, a junior, sums up her experience: “It was an exciting experience, hanging out with my friends and getting all fancy and pretty… It’s also a sign that the year’s slowing down.