Winter Weather Drives Concerns

   Weather conditions are always changing in the early months of the new year. This last month we have seen many inches of snow, freezing rain, heavy winds, and plenty of cars stuck in driveways, plenty of cars sliding into snowdrifts from their tires sliding over patches of ice. Here in David city, we have been experiencing many changing seasons, from it being warm enough to wear a T-shirt and enjoy being outside to being wrapped in 3 winter coats and snow boots. Negative temperatures call for a free runza on temperature Tuesday, and those gas pumps are freezing from being too cold. These temperatures also cause driving conditions to worsen, roads freezing and cars sliding is almost a given. Here at DCHS want to bring light to the effects of driving during bad winter conditions and how many students and teachers feel driving from out of town during these conditions, and also some things that they think the school and the town could do to make things just a little bit easier for us to get around.

   First, I conducted some research on how often accidents occur here in Nebraska when it pertains to bad weather conditions. According to the Department of Transportation, “The highest numbers of crashes were recorded were in snow condition followed by sleet, hail, freezing rain/drizzle and also fog”, when reading more about this situation I had learned that when It snows there have been more crashes with injuries due to icy conditions. After I learned more about my topic I interviewed Zoe Kastl, a senior here at David City High School. I asked her a few questions pertaining to her drive into David city from Bruno Ne. My first question for her was how was her drive in the morning without having any bad conditions, she stated that “She gets quite nervous when she drives in the snow, especially coming from Bruno they aren’t the best at keeping their roads nice and scooped, so I definitely have to face two challenges coming in here will I be late? And Did they plow the roads well enough? I then asked her how her drives were in the mornings when we would have bad weather the night before or if it would still be having bad weather when she would drive to school. She claimed that every time she sees snow at night she hopes for a snow day, or possibly even a late start. Driving in snowstorms is never fun, nor will it ever be, when it starts snowing on her way to school she is constantly stuck with the thought at school is she going to have to drive through this to get home?  Not everyone that comes here to David City comes here for school, but their drives are still the same as if they were, I had the chance to interview my older brother as he works for TIMPTE here in David. I asked him how his drive was when he is coming from Columbus he said that “On normal days it feels great because the drive gets him ready for his long day at work, but once the snow hits and he has to drive to work he gets quite stressed and that takes a toll on his whole day because he also has to worry about the drive home. After our long conversation I then asked him What he thought the school should do about the roads before the sun comes up, he felt that David city should salt and scoop their roads way sooner than they do. He had also said that the drive would be way more enjoyable if they would scrape the roads more precisely and try to get the most out of it. He said he then finds himself driving over many pieces and puddles of snow and being stuck behind another car going 50Mph and his windshield is covered with mud and old snow being thrown by the car in front of him.

    I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Tahner Theim here at David City, I asked him how his drives on regular days were compared to when it would snow. He said that “he and his wife would come up with a plan so that them and their children could all ride into Dc together in his 4×4. Furthermore, I then also asked him what he had thought about the many snow storms here in Nebraska, he exclaimed that “ We’ve had too many of them, it’s been very very cold and there has been a lot of snow as of late and it’s getting quite ridiculous as its February and negative temperatures”, and before our interview was over I had the chance to ask him one last question and that was how does he feel when he looks out his window and sees snow. He stated that “in the earlier months like November and December the snow was okay because he has little children so he would go play in the snow or go sledding with them, but once it got colder in the February and March months he gets tired of it, and that he feels like it gets to be a little old after a while not being able to go do some things because the roads are frozen from the cold temperatures to even step two feet outside. My final interview that I got to conduct was with DCHS Sophomore Braxton Small, who lives here on the north side of David. I had also asked him a variety of questions like How is her drive in the regular mornings? He always keeps in mind that he has to drive straight and keep in mind to not slip and slide around streets and around corners, for example, one day when he was coming into our elementary school parking lot and he slid sideways not going very fast, which made him more cautious of how he drives. Do you drive yourself or do you have a parent drive you when it snows? Braxton drives himself and sometimes his brother. The final question of our interview that I asked was,  what do you think the school should do when it’s -7 and freezing outside?

                CANCEL IT, or he said to give us a late start so that we could eat lunch and get dismissed!