Student Section Returns

David Maxwell

After Christmas Break came to an end, it was around January 8th when the announcement was made that all students were able to attend any home games without the need of having the coupons.After the announcement was made, it was apparent that everyone was excited to be able to watch our teams play. 

When interviewed about their standpoint about the student section being back, Maya Couch and Jordan Kracl, gave similar responses to the questions. Jordan’s and Maya’s response to the question if they were happy that the student section was an astounding yes. “I am happy with the student section being back. Everyone who’s a part of the student section brings a lot of energy to every game and it really means a lot to the players to have support from the student body.”  said Jordan.

“I am thrilled that the student section is back! Part of the fun about home games is that we have a huge crowd of people! Because of COVID, we don’t get the opportunity to have people in the community come; however, our student section makes it feel more normal. Our students are always the loudest and quite frankly the best fans we could ask for! They create such a fun ambiance– who can say no to that?!” rejoiced Maya.

There were many hoops that needed to be jumped through for the student section to be able to attend games in full force without the restrictions of only being able to attend if they were given a coupon. The only person that could give an explanation for these hoops would be the Activities Director, Ronda Gestring.

“We were finally able to allow students to attend games when the NSAA changed their guidelines allowing non-household members and increase to a 50% occupancy. We have been following guidelines set forth by our DHM (Four Corners), NSAA, DCHS and the Governor through the season.” Replied Ms. Gestring.

On top of that came the risk of there being another spike in cases of COVID because of the increase in audience members to games.

“The biggest risk of having students at the games is of course the chance of them contracting and/or spreading COVID. There are a number of benefits for having students at the games-support of our players, increased student participation, the chance to get out of the house, and many more.” quoted Ms.Gestring.

Being able to have the student sections at games is not only noticed by the player but also by the coaches. Aaron Carlson, head coach for the boys basketball team gave his view of the student section in great enthusiasm.

“Players, as well as coaches, were all pretty excited when we heard the student section was coming back. We were excited about the student section moving to the stage and helping with the game atmosphere. In some tight games the student section can really make a difference by giving us an extra boost, as well as making it tough to hear for opposing teams.” said Mr. Carlson. He continues by saying, “I believe that the student section can create some extra pressure for the opposing team who are shooting free throws in the second half. When the noise level gets louder, and the games get tighter, it creates some extra pressure for the opposing teams to hit their shots.”

This ability of the student section being back has not only affected the basketball games, but also our wrestling team. Senior wrestler, Clayton Harris, has given a high detailed response to his view of the student section as a wrestler.

“Well. It’s a little complicated as there is no official student section for the wrestlers like the basketball players. Wrestlers are set to have a pass list, ranging from 2-6 entries. Usually, I only have my parents on the pass list, the other 4 entries are given away to whoever. Those four entries are given to potential students. Regardless, I still love how people can still attend our meets.”

All in all, the amount of positive response to the student section being back in a much greater number is the common response from the athletes and coaches that were interviewed. From the responses of the interviewees, Clayton Harris gave one of the better responses.

“I think it’s safe to say that NO ONE is against the student section. It’s awesome! The student section takes so much pride in the activities; it’s amazing. For example, the wrestlers came back from the Conference meet, and we were able to get back in time to watch the girl’s basketball game against Thayer Central. The game was neck-and-neck the entire time, and our girls were losing by a few points in the last 30 seconds. The student section was getting so riled up, and the girls made a 3-pointer — putting them in the lead. So, yes. I’m happy the student section is there.”

In the end, the overwhelming majority of positive feedback of students being able to attend games in full force and from the players and coaches are incredible.