Platinum Dancers prepare for state dance for first time in decade

The dance team huddles up to end practice with a cheer. The dance teams ends every practice with this cheer and also does it before each performance.

Becca M.

For the first time in nearly 10 years, the David City High School Platinum Dance Team will compete at the state competition.

State dance will be held at the Grand Island Heartland Events Center on Saturday, Feb. 21.

Dance sponsor Ainslee Kroenke said the team has been busy preparing. She gave the dancers the option of participating, and seven of the 11 members agreed. Those competing at State include freshman Renee B., sophomore Kasey S., juniors Nicole B., Jesse G., and Alesha R., and seniors  Ty H. and Jane M.

“I’m really excited to have the opportunity to be able to compete at state dance because being a senior, I won’t have this opportunity again,” Ty said. “I definitely wish I would have started dance earlier because then maybe we could have gone to state dance in previous years.”

Kroenke said she has wanted to take the dance team to compete for the past couple years but could never find enough dancers willing to compete due to state wrestling occurring on the same weekend.

“Since we are a school with such a rich wrestling tradition, it’s always been a struggle to get enough of the team to commit to it,” Kroenke said.

Having the opportunity to attend State gives the dancers a chance to improve their skills. Kroenke said the team will be performing a pom dance that the Platinum Dancers have already performed several times this year, however, the team has been working to accommodate for seven dancers instead of the usual 11.

The dancers have been sharpening their motions and increasing uniformity because those skills are worth a large percentage of points, Kroenke said. The team went over the judges’ evaluation sheets that will be used so the dancers know what to expect.

“I think [State] will help me work on my facials and performing for a judge because we do that for Desiree’s Dancer’s, too,” Renee said. “It will help me as a performer and getting to look at a crowd.”

The dancers competing at State have had to balance their normal Platinum Dance practices with the additional State practices.

“I think it just shows the level of commitment that some of the dancers have. They are willing to put in extra time, compete on a weekend, skip State Wrestling, and put themselves out there to be judged at the state level against many teams,” Kroenke said. “This shows how committed they are at getting better and wanting to promote their team.”