School Lockers

Are They Necessary?


Ava Schlotfeld

Are Lockers Really that Important?: Sophopmore Student’s Locker Empty vs. Full

Throughout the school day, students are given multiple opportunities to visit their locker… but are they really needed? The answer to that question can be very controversial, some think they are useless because they carry everything in their bag, while others think lockers are a godsend. Some students even think they make school worse or harder because it’s hard to get to and from class on time.

David City has a total of 418 lockers spread out throughout the three floors of the high school building and each student is assigned a new one every school year, but the question is, do they use the locker that has been assigned to them? Do they even know where that locker is located in the school?

“[Lockers are] not necessary, I haven’t opened [mine] once,” freshman Alex Thoendel says.

Sample data collected through a survey shows that the opinions on whether lockers are necessary or unnecessary seem quite differentiated. It shows that eight out of twelve students believe that lockers are necessary, while the other four out of twelve believe they are unnecessary. Although eight students believe that they are necessary, only seven out of twelve students use their locker, the remaining five either not using, or rarely using their locker.

“I do think [lockers] are necessary. I have two textbooks and a binder for each class; if I tried to carry all of that at once, it would break my bag and my back. Also, once it’s snowing out, more people will want to store their coats in their locker,” sophomore Valori Olson says.

Out of the students that said lockers are necessary, many of them stated that coats are a big reason for that. Another big reason they are unnecessary is that if a student carries all of their books and all of their supplies in their backpack, it may hurt their back. Some students do not use their lockers, yet say that they believe lockers are necessary to store coats and hats during the cold months, and any unused books and school supplies.

“[My locker] allows me to store [things that] I may not need for the day, like a coat, or extra [school] supplies that won’t fit in my bag. It also makes it so you don’t have to carry around your books all day,” senior Jasmyne McDonald says.

Another question that may be asked is: has COVID-19 caused lockers to become unnecessary now that students are allowed to carry their bags again? During the 2019-2020 school year at David City High School, backpacks were not allowed to be brought from classroom to classroom, but due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, the administration has allowed backpacks back inside of the classrooms. Has that changed students’ opinions on how necessary their lockers are?

“This year I haven’t used [my locker] because of [COVID-19], but most years I use it a lot,” sophomore Natalie Summers states.

Many students prefer to use their backpacks throughout the day due to the fear of being late to their classes, but will making a quick stop at your locker really make you late to class? I decided to put that to the test by walking from the southeast end of the school on the top floor to the northwest end of the school on the bottom floor without stopping at a locker and timing it, then I did the same thing but stopped at a locker, giving myself enough time to grab and put things away. The timing I got for the first walk through the school was 1:42, while the timing I got when I stopped at my locker was 2:16, showing that lockers are an invalid reason to be late to class unless you were to put the wrong combination in multiple times as DCHS only provides three minute passing periods. Another reason that lockers may have the possibility of making students late to class is if they were to stop to talk to friends on their way to or from their locker, or even at their locker, but talking to friends is not a valid reason to be late to class.