The ASVAB Test

What is it, and why is it important?

David City High School will be offering the ASVAB test for all juniors and select seniors. On October 7th, they will be testing from 8 in the morning to noon.

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is offered all over America and is used to determine how qualified one is for certain military occupational specialties and enlistment bonuses.

“We offer the ASVAB every year, but students have to sign up for it,” Mr. Couch, DCHS’s principal, said.

DCHS will only be allowing grades 11 and up to sign up and take the ASVAB, but will now be administered to the junior class every year so that every student has the chance to take the test.

“In order for the ASVAB scores to be used as a military entrance exam, it has to be administered after your sophomore year. Although not all of our students are entering the military, I wanted the assessment to count for those that are,” Mrs. Miriovsky, DCHS’s Counselor, said. “Sophomores can take it, but it doesn’t count toward military entrance so we decided not to administer it to them. Freshman can not take the ASVAB.”

The four critical areas that the ASVAB tests are arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, and mathematics knowledge.

“I would say the test itself seemed like a lot of other standardized tests, especially in the procedure of taking it. The biggest difference between the ASVAB and other tests I took was the results I got from it. It wasn’t just results on math, or English, or science. It told me about areas of potential strength for me that I had never even considered,” Mr. Couch said. “I never considered going into engineering, but my ASVAB results suggested that I had the skills to be a very good engineer. I just thought the results were really interesting.”

When looking into joining the military, the minimum test score to join the army is 31, the navy is 35, and the airforce has two different minimum scores. For high schoolers, the minimum is 31, but for GED holders the minimum is 50, but you don’t want to look at only getting a minimum score as the higher your score, the higher the chance you have of getting the specialty/job and signing bonus that you want.

“I say take all the tests you can in high school. And always try your best. These tests are great ways for people in colleges, in the military, and on job sites to find out who you are, and what skills you possess. We try to do everything we can at school to make it easy and affordable to take these tests. All you have to do is show up and give your best effort!” Mr. Couch said.

If you are looking to take this Aptitude Test in order to join the military, some steps to remember when talking to a recruiter afterward are:  have no fear, go with someone, know the ASVAB test well, get stationed where you want, if you have special training or education, you may get paid more, choose your start date by using the delayed entry program, choose your commitment as different enlistment contracts require different lengths of commitment, correct the contract before signing as typos and errors may create problems, get it in writing, and remember that you are signing up to be a soldier, airman, sailor, marine, or coast guardsman, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Another tip is the Buddy Deal. Some Services offer programs that allow friends that sign up together to go through training together, be stationed together, and even possibly start with an advanced rank and pay just because they signed up together. ( “10 Tips For Visiting the Recruiting Office.”,