Masks in Band and Choir

A few thoughts on masks in school.

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One Act Full Rehearsal
November 12, 2020

Here at David City High masks are required and this affects the Band and Choir more then anyone else, but why? I have asked 4 students how masks have made them feel.

Ava Schlotfeld a 10th grade choir student has said that she thinks the masks make it hard to sing in. As a fellow Choir student I can confirm this definitely makes singing very difficult because “you can’t get a full, deep breath” as Ava stated.

Madison Craig, an 11th grade choir student, says the masks are important but also hard to breathe in. “I don’t enjoy wearing the masks but I understand why it’s important that we do,” Madison stated.

David Maxwell, a 12th grade band student, stated “I feel they are important to stop the spread of germs but they make it difficult to breath.”

Sabastian Gillespie, an 11th grade band student, stated the masks “aren’t any more important in choir then in any other class”