Back to School!

David City students experience a “new normal” as the school year begins!

The beginning of the year started off completely different than years prior. For starters, the doors of the new commons did not open until 7:30, and we were required to wear masks. Before anyone could enter the building there were staff members waiting to take our temperature and decide whether it was safe for us to enter the school or not. 

All of the students that are currently enrolled in the David City Public School system are keeping their best efforts to stay socially distanced, wearing masks when they’re unable to stay six feet apart. The teachers are making sure to keep almost all seats facing the same direction unless spaced out accordingly. 

 Wearing masks all the time is also making it harder to identify who is who anymore; especially if you haven’t seen that person since March. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what a person is saying with the mask, and we, as students, are constantly wearing masks, and when you’re not used to wearing them all the time it can be suffocating

The David City Middle and High School music students have been showing amazing social distancing efforts. Each chair is spaced out by 6 feet, tape marking where to have the front legs of each chair. The choir students are making their best effort to wear their masks the whole period. 


Journalism I Students working hard in the classroom.