Disney+ brings nostalgia for everyone


Abby Nelson

Recently, Disney has come up with a good way to stream shows that nearly everybody loves. Disney+ has shows and movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Disney has created Disney+ that has every Disney movie for only $6.99/month. You can also pay $12.99/month and get hulu and espn+ along with it. There is also a 7-day free trial with no tiers nor up-charges. 

When everyone found out about the Disney+ app, everyone downloaded it and started watching Disney movies immediately. The Disney movies brought back a lot of childhood memories. When I was interviewing Maya Couch, she said “I love it! Not only do they have old shows and movies, they have new renditions of them and original series.” Maya’s favorite series is High School Musical the musical the series. Maya makes sure she watches High School Musical the Musical the Series every Friday, because that’s when a new episode comes out. Overall, she watches Disney+ at least twice a week because she is always busy, but she still makes time to watch her favorite show. 

When I was interviewing Mr. Krenk, he said “It makes me feel nostalgic to be able to watch all of the movies from his childhood.” Mr. Krenk likes to watch all of the Star Wars movies. Mr. Krenk thinks the movie Empire Strikes Back is the best movie out of the Star Wars saga. Mr. Krenk watches Disney+ at least twice a week, as well. 

Disney+ is a big hit. So many students at school have purchased Disney+. Everyone was so happy when Disney created this streaming device. Disney+ just always brings back good childhood memories.