Winter Sports Tip-Off

The winter sports coaches share their expectations for the 2019-2020 season.


Rachel Roemmich

The winter sports tipped off on Monday the 18th of November at David City High School with after school practices. The season officially starts in early December, and here are a few things the coaches say about their upcoming seasons.

The head wrestling coach, Tanner Thiem, is excited for this wrestling season, as he is expecting around 20 kids to be going out for wrestling. When asked how he thinks the season will go, Thiem replied with, “I expect our wrestlers to get better daily and significantly better weekly.  David City has won the conference title eight years in a row and the district title seven years in a row. We have also finished in the top five in the state playoffs for the past six seasons. I hope that we can continue our run of SNC champions, district champions and make a shot at bringing home some hardware from the state tournament.”  Many people at David City High School, and even David City in general, are into wrestling whether it be actual wrestlers, the parents of students, or even the younger kids that want to wrestle when they are older. “I always take great pride in seeing David City students walk through the hallways with David City wrestling gear on. I also enjoy seeing people out and about throughout our community with David City wrestling gear.  The tradition of David City wrestling has created a sense of school pride,” Thiem said when he was asked about what the impact wrestling has had in the school and the town.

Beth Bohuslavsky, first time women’s head basketball coach, decided to be the girls basketball coach because she has always wanted to be a basketball coach, and it has always been a dream of hers to impact athletes that she has a lot of passion for so she can share the passion with them. Her favorite part of being a basketball coach is building a relationship with the girls she will be coaching and being a role model for them. When asked what she expected from this upcoming season, Bohuslavsky stated, “My expectation this year is to control what we can control. Some of the things we can control are our effort, attitude, and being a great teammate. All of those things are skills you need to be successful now but also later in life. We are going to support one another through the ups and downs we have this season.”  “Conditioning has gone great this week. A lot of girls have been showing up and working hard. Summer weights were also great. We set a goal before summer started that we wanted each girl to get stronger and I feel that we did accomplish it. The girls showed up, worked hard, and got the job done in there! I am excited to see their hard work pay off this season!” Bohuslavsky said when she was asked about how she thought things were going so far. 

Also first time head boys basketball coach, Aaron Carlson, is looking forward to getting to know all of his players even more and developing a culture among the program. When asked what Carlson’s favorite part about being a basketball coach was, he said, “My favorite part about being a basketball coach is simply coaching the game that I, as well as many of the players, love.  It is a lot of fun for me watching the kids grow and develop as basketball players and as men. Basketball can teach these kids many life lessons which they will carry for the rest of their lives.” For this season, Carlson expects the team to be competitive in all of the games. Carlson also stated, “We have a lot of tough teams on the schedule this year, even a few who have state tournament experience the last few years, so we are going to be presented with a lot of challenges throughout the season.  I expect my players to be up for those challenges each game.”

This winter sports season should be a good one. Stay tuned to stay up to date on the upcoming winter sports season.