Awakening the scout spirit. DC One Act begins their 2019 season.


Maya Couch

“If you want the rainbow, you have to endure the rain.” David City’s play production has always proved it’s talent with amazing costumes, sets, and, of course, actors. Last year, the team had fallen short of the state title, getting runner-up at districts. This year, however, the David City One Act team has come back with great vengeance. The team has endured the rain of other’s opinions and the storm of losing, but it is finally time for the team to get their rainbow.

“I’m excited for this season. I think we have a good story and good actors who can take on the roles.” head coach Jarod Ockander mentioned. “I’m really excited to see the growth of the students and how they turn it into the play they love.” 

This year’s play is called “Awakening of the American Spirit” written by Frank Toetell. The story follows the life of a Japenese American, Kanji Moe, and his life as an immigrant. He no longer has his parents, but they watch over him along with his ancestors, the Bakemono. However, it is 1941, so Kanji Moe, also known as KJ, is constantly bullied, segregated, and discriminated from his peers. He meets a white girl named Charlotte, who he falls head over heels for, but due to their differences, they can not be together. Charlotte and her older sister, Linda, constantly reassure KJ that things will get better and that one day they can be together forever! But not all things are perfect. The day is December 1, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. KJ is imprisoned for his beliefs and background. How will he be saved, or will he ever be saved? That is something only the cast knows. (And anyone who has watched it)

“I really enjoy being my character, Charlotte,” senior Neleigh Kovar stated. “She’s fierce and stubborn-not stupid like a sterotypical blonde girl. In some ways, she’s just like me!”
Although the season is short, it is still very productive. Each day, the cast and crew come into work on the play for hours. These efforts are made for one reason only; that sweet, sweet state title. Practices range daily, with different goals, run throughs, and focus. There’s always something to laugh about at practice, whether it be someone badly messing up on a line or a crew member questioning about a true “blackout” (when the lights turn off to signal the audience the play is over).

“Practice is always really fun!” junior Clayton Harris said. “It’s really fun to watch the Bakemono spirits throw Jacson Valentine (senior) around 15 times to get a scene right! One Act season is just a really good time.”
Already this season, the team have performed two shows. The first show was the very first public performance the team has ever done. This performance was not so great, as the nerves of performing hit everyone; actors, crew, and even sound and lights. However, the team wasn’t going to stop here. Their second show was the York One Act competition, where the team placed 1st out of 14 teams!  Senior Neleigh Kovar won the “Best Actress” award, along with an acting recognition award. Other members who received awards are: juniors Maya Couch, Clayton Harris, Sam Eaton, seniors Sophie Mephord, Daphne Narvarro, Skylar Busch, sophomores Grace Znamanacheck, Lydia Ockander, Kaidence Morlan, and freshman Avery Couch, Sidnee Busch, Keetyn Valentine, and Cassidy Weiser.

“I believe our team has the capability of winning, but it won’t come easy,” Ockander stated. “As long as we stay focused and hungry, we will be successful.”

The next performances for the One-Act team is Saturday, November 16 at Elkhorn South and Tuesday, November 19 for the Southern Conference Meet.