Health class promotes Respect Week recognized across the U.S.

Video created by Mrs. Lentz's health class


PE teacher Connie Lentz and her health class students encourage all students and staff to wear orange on Tuesday, Feb. 10 to promote love and respect and to raise teen dating violence awareness.

Jonah S.

PE teacher Connie Lentz and her health class students hope to spark awareness of teen dating violence by encouraging students and staff to wear orange on Feb. 10 as part of Respect Week.

Respect Week is a special way for young people to raise awareness of teen dating violence. This year marks the fifth annual Teen Dating Violence and Awareness Month, and it has grown every year.

“We want to encourage all staff and students to be aware of teen dating violence and wear orange on the 10th to show love and respect,” Lentz said. “You can wear shirts, shorts, hats, gloves, scarfs, socks, shoes and any other type of clothing to promote the day.”

Many DCHS students have gone through Lentz’s health class, learning about healthy relationships and the proper way to achieve them. Students often retain the knowledge but don’t realize how common abusive relationships are in the United States.

“Dating violence is not right, but it happens everywhere,” sophomore health student Shay C. said. “What is the point of having violence when there is supposed to be passionate love? Not anger. Not aggression. All of that is worthless to me.”

To promote wearing orange, the health class has placed sticky notes on each locker, put posters around the building, provided announcements, and created a PSA video about dating violence.

“We hope to bring more attention to the need to respect each other more and understand that teen dating violence is a real problem,” Lentz said. “It does not get enough attention. Over 1.5 million teens get physically abused in a dating situation each year.”