DCHS football win tops off a successful homecoming week

Homecoming candidates line up for a group picture. Seniors Jacson Valentine and Daphne Navarro were crowned King and Queen.

Maya Couch

Homecoming is one of the biggest events for high schoolers all around the world, but mainly here in David City. Not only is the dance fun, everyone gets to see an amazing football game played by the best; David City Scouts. Halfway through district play, the Scouts got a win over Twin River Titans on October 11, 2019. The game was full of excitement touchdowns, and the cold.

I was pleased with how the team played, but the team can not settle for average,” head coach Robert Evan stated. “The team needs to stay hungry and always wanting to improve.”

The game started off fairly slow with neither team scoring that many points. It mostly consisted of play after play but both teams getting nowhere. However, at the end of the quarter, the Twin River Titans scored a touchdown, but missing the kick. This single touchdown pushed our team into overdrive, and really showed the titans how we play football. Senior Clayton Denker scored 3 touchdowns, Junior Dylan Vodicka scored one touchdown, and Jordan Kracl lead a 2 point conversion all in the second quarter. By the end of the half, the score was 30-6; Scouts leading.

“I’d say there are two things we could have done better,” Senior Wayne Moore stated. “First off is coming out more focused so we don’t have the slow start we did in this game. We cannot have slow starts if we plan to have a postseason run. Secondly, I’d say we have to keep our foot on the gas.”
After the wild 2nd quarter, the game went back into some casual play, but the Scouts did not give up. Denker made another 2 touchdowns during the second half along with 2 point conversions. The Titans scored 2 more touchdowns as well, but the Scouts held their ground. Even in the freezing cold, the Scouts played their hearts out, ending the game 48-12. Some highlights of the game include; 302 yard rush over the game completed by Clayton Denker, the Scout defense forced two turnovers, and every single player on the team was able to participate.

“In pressure situations there are going to be highs and lows and I felt the team did a good job remaining constant,” Evans noted.

As mentioned before, October 11 wasn’t just another day, it was Homecoming! The 2019 Homecoming theme was “Scouts got game”; where each day was based on a board game and people that relate to it. The first day was Pajama Day- where students could dress up in their PJ’s for school. The next day was Old Timer Tuesday or Bingo day, with the following day being Twin Day (Guess Who). The final two days, Thursday and Friday were Nerd Day referencing Cranium and the infamous Scout Day. The whole week was filled with many costumes and many winners. The homecoming dance was held that same night, with many students calling it the best homecoming yet, with great music, food, and dance moves. Any other details about homecoming, well, that’s just for the students of DCHS.

“I think homecoming went great!” senior Daphne Navarro stated. “Being a homecoming candidate and homecoming Queen was an honor because it puts more eyes on what I do in the school and it gives me the opportunity to be a role model to my peers and the student body.”

The next football game for the Scouts is scheduled on October 18, 2019, against Centennial at Utica.

DC students march through the hallways clapping along with the band.
The Scout Cheerleaders bring the extra pep for the Homecoming Pep-Rally.
Seniors Ethan Dietrich and Daphne Navarro are introduced as the first homecoming candidates.
Seniors Clayton Denker and Kirsten Bell are introduced as homecoming candidates.
Seniors Jacson Valentine and Neleigh Kovar are introduced as homecoming candidates.
Seniors Spencer Allen and Skylar Busch are introduced as homecoming candidates.
Seniors Wayne Moore and Sophia Mefford are introduced as homecoming candidates.
Junior Natalie Blum looks back to make sure the football boys are staying on beat.
Platinum Dancers and football players coordinate the kicking-line.
Teachers participate in homecoming competition.
Homecoming candidates line up for a group picture. Seniors Jacson Valentine and Daphne Navarro were crowned King and Queen.