Speaking to the walls

Brittney Palik

Speech may not be a sport, but it requires a similar amount of practice and dedication as many sports offered. Members of the David City Speech team spend up to four hours at school practicing every night, giving their speeches to coaches, teammates, and even the walls.


Senior Carter Ossian has been a part of the speech team for four years. Ossian competes in Extemporaneous, Serious Prose, and Duet. Ossian’s Serious Prose speech is about a soldier who returns from war and must cope with PTSD.


“My serious speech is doing well this year,” Ossian said. Ossian has competed in three meets this year in serious, winning Raymond Central and Millard West and winning Honors Finals at Lincoln Southwest. “We show up to every meet at least a half hour before every meet and practice to the walls to make sure that we are ready for our rounds.”


Ossian competes in Duet with senior Ashley Roemmich. Ossian and Roemmich’s Duet is about a couple in high school. Roemmich’s character is struggling to write a speech, so together they think of all the memories they shared together, such as meeting each other for the first time, and the first time they said ‘I love you’.


Roemmich has also been a member of the speech team for 4 years. In addition to her Duet with Ossian, she competes in Program of Oral Interpretation (POI)  and Oral Interpretation of Drama (OID). POI is a combination of pieces of any type of literacy, and OID is a skit performed by a team of three to five participants.  Roemmich’s POI is about hypocrisy, and her OID is the movie “Hocus Pocus.” Roemmich competes in OID with seniors Preston Beringer and Ebani Filbert, and juniors Kirsten Bell and Neleigh Kovar.


“My favorite event this year is Duet, I really like the script,” Roemmich said.


Many members of the speech team credit their success to the close relationships they share.


“The whole team is close, and we like to have fun while still being able get done what we need to do,” senior Laurel Ockander said. “There are a lot of underclassmen that look up to the few juniors and seniors on the team. The juniors and seniors have done a lot to teach the younger members how to do their events properly and have given them a good basis to carry on when we graduate.”