Zero-K: Hiding in plain sight

Katie Tresler

In an attempt to bring light to the DCHS Science Club, Zero-K members organized a pumpkin scavenger hunt on Tues., Oct. 30th.


Zero-K became the school’s only science club in 2013. As a new club, the organization has been struggling to receive recognition and gain members over the years. However, as Halloween came around the corner, students in the activity found a perfect opportunity to gain publicity.


“We’re not a national club, we’re just local,” Sponsor Ed Sieck explained. “I feel like many people know there’s no merit scholarships that come with it.”


There were a total of twelve pumpkins hidden throughout the high school building, and the rules to the hunt were clear; find the pumpkins, take a selfie, and possibly win a prize. Students didn’t need to find all twelve pumpkins; they could either find the ones spelling out Zero-K or the ones that were artistically crafted by members of the group.


“This is our second year carving pumpkins in Zero-K, and every year it’s hard to find original scientific designs,” senior Ebani Filbert stated.


While not all students had partaken in the quest to find the pumpkins, there were quite a few students who took to the challenge.


“My friend, Bryce, convinced me to do it so we could share the candy,” sophomore Jasmyne McDonald said.


While it is unsure whether or not Zero-K will gain members from their spooktacular search, one thing is for sure– they don’t plan on staying hidden and out of mind from the DCHS population for much longer.


“I see a decline in science interest through the years, so I’m unsure of the future of Zero-K,” Sieck remarked.