FCCLA spreads awareness of domestic violence

Sidney Soukup

For the past few weeks, students in the Interpersonal Relationships class and members of FCCLA worked hard to prepare for the Domestic Violence Awareness Week in hopes of informing students about healthy relationships.


“Domestic abuse has a big impact on individuals and sometimes people suffer from physical or mental abuse,” junior Vivian Palencia said. “People don’t need to go through that.”


Early in the week, on Monday, students in the class put up posters and flyers around the school that gave different statistics about domestic violence.


On Tuesday, towards the last half of the school day, a speaker from the Center for Survivors, along with five members from the ‘Revolution’ group, came to give a presentation about being a bystander to domestic violence. Purple ribbons were also handed out to students and staff along with statistics about domestic violence.


“Hats Off for Survivors” took place on Wednesday. Students were able to bring a $1 donation or two canned food items in order to wear a hat. Those that made a donation were entered into a drawing for prizes.


To end the week, students were able to participate in a “Goose Chase.” Teams competed in a digital scavenger hunt featuring questions related to domestic violence.


“I hoped that students were able to figure out what domestic violence is and how they should act if they are in that kind of situation,” Palencia said.