Annual fall music concert shows skills of music students

Brittney Palik

David City Middle and High School music students performed for the community at their annual fall concert on Mon., Oct. 22.


The annual Fall Music Concert is the first performance of the year for most music students. The students have been working daily on the songs they showcased at the concert with music teacher Joseph Brumm.


The night kicked off with the middle school band performing three songs: Ancient Moon, Rite of Passage, and Lexington March. The high school marching band then took over and played three songs, which made up their marching set for this year’s season. Those songs were Mission: Impossible Theme, Theme from the Movie Skyfall, and Secret Agent Man. The marching band has been working on this set for months.


“We have been working on these songs since the start of marching season, and we started learning the songs in the summer.” Freshman Jaley Schultz said.


The next performances were from both the 7th- and 8th-grade choirs. The 7th-grade choir was first, singing two songs: A Distant Shore and Shine on Me. The 8th-grade choir then sang two songs, both of which were popular songs from past time periods. The two songs were Alexander’s Ragtime Band and Johnny B. Goode.


“Memorization was the hardest part of preparing for the choir, but I think the night went well,” 7th grader Kaitlyn Palik said.


The last performance of the night was from the high school choir, who sang five songs. The first song, Yakety Yak, showed the choir was capable of doing more than just singing, as they also played cazus in the song. The other songs they sang were Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart, Dansi Na Kuimba, Till There Was You, and Jamaican Market Place.


“I think the concert went really well, and everyone had fun doing it,” Schultz said.


The next performance for all music students will be at the Holiday Concert on Dec. 17.