Scout volleyball strives for consistency; works to “bring their all”

Allie Daro

The David City Scouts Volleyball team was defeated by the Heartland Huskies in three sets on Tues., Oct. 9. It was the Pink-Out game, and it was Senior Night for the volleyball team and the cross country team.

“I thought that the girls really played scrappy throughout the game, but our serve receive kept us out of the game as we could not get the ball into system,” Head Coach Emily Maresh said. “Our strong point was the fact that throughout rallies defensively we were a scrappy team, and they had to really work to get to ball to the floor. When we did get the ball into system and our hitters were being fearless, we were putting the ball down as well.”

Before the Varsity warm-ups started, and after a win by the Junior Varsity Scouts, the cross country seniors and their parents were announced. Volleyball seniors, along with their parents followed directly afterward.

Once the seniors and their parents in both sports had been announced, all other volleyball players and cross country runners had the opportunity to take a carnation to their family. After all of the parents had been recognized, the volleyball game began.

The Scouts had a slow start. Although they managed to keep the score close in the beginning of the first set, they couldn’t string together enough runs to stay even with the Huskies. The Huskies pulled ahead and won the first set 25-14.

In the second set, the Scouts, again, had a rough start. The Scouts started out in a 0-8 rut before scoring. However, once they started to score, they closed the gap and kept the rest of the set close. The Huskies still managed to win the set 25-20.

The third set started off the closest for the Scouts. A few small runs toward the end of the set, however, pulled the Huskies far enough ahead for the Scouts to be defeated 25-19.

“We show glimpses of being a really great team, but we need to put all of our skills and trust and confidence together all the time,” sophomore Payton Andel said.

The Scouts faced the Centennial Broncos and the Aquinas Monarchs at the Aquinas Triangular on Thurs., Oct. 11. The Scouts beat the Broncos in two sets and were defeated by the Monarchs in two sets.

“We thrive off of confidence, so we need to keep that up,” Andel stated.

The first round of the Conference tournament is the next game for the Scouts. They will face the Sutton Mustangs in Superior at 5:30 p.m. on Mon., Oct. 15. A Conference bracket is on the David City Schools Twitter page.

“I expect the rest of the season to be competitive,” Maresh said. “We need the girls to consistently work on bringing it their all each and every day, each and every play. We need to transfer the mindset to expecting the ball every play no matter what and playing fearless.”