Behind the Music

Brittney Palik

Music is a form of expression. For many students at DCHS, band and choir give them an expressive outlet and allow them to be creative. This holds true for one band member, senior Laurel Ockander.


Ockander has participated in band since the 5th grade, first playing the baritone, and then moving to the tuba.


“I like band because it gives me the opportunity to express myself and expand my knowledge on a skill I will have forever,” Ockander said. “I also like goofing around, when it’s appropriate, and getting to have fun.”


The David City High School Marching Band puts in extensive hours each week to make sure they can perform to their best ability the next time they do so, whether that is at a football game or a marching competition.


“We practice a lot. We have early morning band on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Currently, we have everything memorized and are working on cleaning up our weaker areas and adding more to the show,” sophomore Clayton Harris said.


In addition to morning practices three times a week, the band practices every day during class.


“I wish people knew band wasn’t as easy as it looks. It takes endurance and a lot of physical capability to be successful,” Ockander said.


The choir is another aspect of the music program at DCHS. Although the choir has not yet had a competition or performed this year, they have been practicing every day during school.


“In choir, we usually have days where we will just work on the girls’ part or just the boys’,” Harris said. “In choir, we don’t go to many contests, but we perform in concerts, and we have the option to sign up for different auditions.”


Participants of both band and choir grow closer together throughout the year as they practice.


“I feel like people should know that it’s kind of a family thing like it is in all groups. None of us want the others to fail because that means we would fail ourselves,” Harris said. “Music is a progressive thing that takes work.”