DCHS flies into applying to college on Apply2College Day

Maya Couch and Rachel Roemmich

Every year, David City High School holds a day where the seniors apply to various colleges. This day was appropriately named Apply2College Day. But this event doesn’t just happen here in David City; Apply2College Day is a nationwide event that almost every school participates in. This day also helps students think about the importance of college.

“We used half of our time to look through potential colleges that we want to attend,” senior Carter Ossian said. “We also took the time finishing the application process for as many colleges that we could in the given timeframe.”

Although this day is meant for seniors, DCHS also has teachers reflect on their college days to give advice to anyone who is deciding where they want to go to college. Every class period, teachers shared experiences from their college days in hopes to inspire students to think about post-graduation plans.

“I believe that this day is important because it’s important to have somewhat of an idea as to what you’ll do after high school,” senior Ashley Roemmich said.

But what is the importance of Apply2College Day? When looking back on it, some may think the day is just seniors sitting in a room, sending applications to schools. In reality, the day is made for seniors to realize all the options they have. Plus, the day helps seniors recognize other options they have when it comes to colleges.

“This day affects seniors who are struggling to find time to apply to colleges or seniors who are contemplating going to college, but don’t have the best financial situation,” Roemmich said.

Many DCHS seniors applied to numerous colleges on Apply2College Day. Ossian applied to 5 colleges and had already been accepted to four.  Apply2College Day helped him look into other opportunities for continuing his education.

“Allowing time during the day and bringing in resources like EducationQuest helps all of our students be more successful in this process” Siffring stated. “Hopefully, this will eliminate obstacles to students being admitted to college.”