FCCLA members improve skills at Fall Leadership Workshop

Sidney Soukup

A group of seven members from the David City Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) chapter attended the Fall Leadership Workshop in Kearney on Mon., Sept. 17.


Over 500 members from chapters all across the state traveled to Kearney for the conference. The state holds the Fall Leadership Workshop every year in September to help members learn new programs and projects to implement in their own chapters.


Early in the morning, members started off in the opening session where they listened to the keynote speakers. The FCCLA chapter from Maxwell spoke to members and advisors on the ‘iBuckleUp, weBuckleUp’ project. The project was created to encourage students and members of the community to wear their seatbelts while driving to stay safe.


“I think it’s a good idea, and we can try to implement the project into our organization and throughout the community,” advisor Tonya Zegers said.


After the opening session, members attended either the new member track or the chapter leader track. In those sessions, members learned new information that they could use to help improve their chapters, such as how to get involved with members and ways to get involved in the community.


In the afternoon, members attended another chapter leader track where they heard from Sergeant James Dinville and Captain Jeremy Ham. They spoke about the Helping Everyone Achieve Respect program, or HEAR. HEAR is a set of bullying prevention programs that can be incorporated into schools. The program engages students on what bullying is and the consequences of it. It also helps students on how they decrease bullying in the school environment by teaching them to be kind to others.


“I thought it was a good presentation with a lot of good information about their anti-bullying campaign that would be good to use in our school,” junior Jaymee Lee said.


The conference was a great way for members to learn new ideas to bring back to the chapter, such as national programs, fundraising ideas, and leadership opportunities.

“I enjoyed getting to hang out with the officers and other members we brought along,” Lee said. “I learned a lot of valuable information that would be very helpful to our chapter.”