New lunch stirs commotion

Katie Tresler

As the students of David City Public Schools adjust to their new daily schedules, they also find themselves adjusting to an entirely new lunch plan.


Construction on the elementary school started early in the year, allowing for the cafeteria to grow in size just in time for the fall semester to begin. However, size isn’t the only change that was made. An entirely new layout and schedule have come as well. The classes have been divided up into two sections based on their sixth-period class. Not only are students eating later, but three groups of lunches have been combined into two.


“I have construction class so I eat early. I don’t like it because it’s unfortunate not getting to see my friends at lunch,” senior Josie Cudaback explained when asked about the new schedule.


The smallest change to have occurred is actually the fact that the cafeteria itself has grown in size. This allows for more tables and students to fit.


“The bigger cafeteria was probably not necessary since I didn’t even notice it,” senior Douglas Alvarado commented.


The last change to happen, was an entirely new set up. Last year, the students would put their numbers to pay in at the beginning of the line. However, this year, they now have to pay at the end.


“The new set up is okay; I can adapt quickly,” Cudaback said.


While the changes that have been made might make sense to the staff members at DCHS, the students completely disagree.


“I hate the new lunch times because the school system has taught us and trained our bodies to eat at 12:02 at the latest and now they’ve backed it up by almost an hour,” Alvarado added.