New faces added to DCHS staff

Allie Daro

Trey Frey

During the school day, you can find business teacher Trey Frey in Mrs. Didier’s old classroom. After school, however, he’ll be at some type of practice.

Frey will be an assistant football coach, a junior high boys’ basketball coach, and a junior high track coach. When he’s not at school, he enjoys hanging out with friends, running, and being outdoors.

This will be Frey’s first year of teaching after subbing at Milford for half of a semester.

“I enjoy it here. I’ve enjoyed the students. I think the energy here is good,” Frey stated. “The teachers and students seem to have a good connection, and the administrators all have everybody’s back.”

Trevor Krenk

Trevor Krenk is loving his job here at David City so far. Before moving here this summer, Krenk was a substitute and coach at Nebraska City. He used to coach high school football and girls basketball. At DCHS, he teaches sophomore English, and senior English. He’ll also be an assistant football coach, a middle school track coach, and the SCOOP sponsor.

At Doane University, where Krenk played football, he started on an elementary education path. During college, however, he changed to high school education, and that led to a job that he loves.

“The students are great kids, and the staff is fantastic to work with,” Krenk said.

Abbi Kush

Abbi Kush is a DCHS alumnus, and she loves being back in David City because it’s home to her. Before moving back to teach middle school science, Kush taught upper elementary math and sixth-grade science at Plainview Elementary School.

Kush’s teaching career can also be partially accredited to another DCHS staff member.

“I wanted to go into teaching in the first place because I really liked the way Mr. VanWinkle taught,” she said.

Outside of school, Kush enjoys going on walks, taking snowboarding vacations with her husband, fishing, surfing, doing art projects, and spending time with her family. This summer, she got to enjoy taking care of her son.

Joseph Manley

Joseph Manley joins the DCHS staff after five years of teaching and coaching football at Lincoln Northeast High School. He is currently the 7-9th grade Special Education teacher, an assistant football coach, and he will coach track.

This summer, Manley played in a Lincoln slow pitch softball league and went to Colorado Springs with his family, who he says he spends a lot of time with.

Similar to other new staff members, Manley says he loves it here.

“It’s great,” Manley stated. “It’s been a lot different from Northeast, but it’s been a good different.”

Robyn Warner

Robyn Warner is currently the Vice Principal here at DCHS, but before coming to David City, she worked in much bigger schools. She was the Dean of Students at Kearney High School, and before that, she taught English at Bellevue East, Millard West, and Grand Island Senior High.

Although this is the fifth school she’s worked in, Warner originally did not plan on getting a degree in education.

“My first degree is not education, so after I got a job in marketing and moved to the Virgin Islands, I decided that what I wanted to do was help kids and be around kids,” Warner said. “I went back to school and became a teacher.”

According to Warner, she enjoys golf, social and athletic activities, reading, and “grandma things to do” such as crocheting. In school, she is excited to go to events and to get to know the students.

“I love it here so far!” Warner stated. “I am so impressed with how polite students are and how welcoming teachers are, and I’m just looking forward to getting to know the community better.”