Injured players support teams while preparing comeback

Juniors Dustin P. and Morgen V. chat with Coach Kenny Eickmeier between matches at the Schuyler Quad. Morgen returns to competition Jan. 15 at the Aquinas triangular.

Becca M.

An injury can happen in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s a tiny scratch or a broken arm, everyone has to overcome an injury at some point in his or her life.

A few winter athletes have been forced to watch their teammates from the sideline as they battle to overcome injuries. Freshman basketball player Jackson H. and junior wrestlers Dustin P. and Morgen V. have become very anxious to resume competition.

“Getting injured makes you rethink your career. You never know when you could get injured and wrestle your last match. I want to give 100 percent every time I step out on the mat,” Dustin said.

Because he had been recovering from ACL surgery in August, Dustin was unable to participate in football this season and was just recently cleared to participate in wrestling. Dustin and Morgen were both state qualifiers last year and said they hope to qualify again this year.

Despite the injuries, Dustin and Morgen still attend practices daily to stay in shape and support their team. Morgen, who tore his meniscus during football season, will start to compete again Jan. 15 at the Aquinas wrestling triangular.

“Showing up to practice every day willing to work as much as I can and being there for [the wrestlers] makes me feel better,” Morgen said.

Morgen has been attending physical therapy striving to get healthy as soon as possible.

“Knowing that all my competition is getting better, I have to get equally as good as them to compete with them,” Morgen said. “I don’t want to come back too far behind competition.”

Former wrestler sophomore Landon S. is another athlete who suffered an injury. He tore his meniscus during practice and will have to have surgery to correct it. Although Landon will be out for the season as he recovers, he said he still hopes to support the team.

“The team needs as much support as they can get. They have a lot of weight on their shoulders,” Landon said. “They just won a state championship last year and now everybody wants another one, so the more support they get, the better.”

Injury has also struck the boys basketball team this year. Jackson had to sit out six weeks due to a football injury.

“My injury is an outlined pelvis. It was caused by an old football injury where I was on the bottom of the dog pile,” Jackson said.

Jackson was unable to participate in a few practices, scrimmages, and games while he attended physical therapy and exercised to get it back into place, he said. During the time of his injury, he was a positive teammate and cheered on his team. Jackson said basketball is his passion and has changed his life for the better. He is glad to be able to compete again.

“Being injured isn’t fun, and sometimes people are injured and cannot participate in sports for the rest of their life,” Jackson said. “But if you love a sport as much as I love basketball, there is no reason for you not to be on the team.”