Class of 2018: What not to do senior year

Renee Backstrom

Renee Backstrom

Don’t take high school classes for granted. Failing due to not trying isn’t going to help you in college where the classes will be 10 times harder.

Brooke Bell

Don’t look like a slob. Dress for success. I always feel more confident when I’m looking my best.

Zachary Blum

Don’t forget that life gets tough. Remember it’s only one down and the rest up.

Una Wen Boe

Do not crash into the AED kit on the second floor. It’s easier said than done…

Victoria Cooper

You shouldn’t fight with others or teachers. Just work hard so you can get out of here.

Olivia Couch

Don’t procrastinate on all the stuff you need for graduation

Tristyn Cunningham

You shouldn’t slack off. Be ready. Life is gonna smack you in the face eventually. Just get ready for the ride.

Matthew Eilers

You shouldn’t just ease through it; take every class you take serious your senior year.

Joshua Escamilla

Don’t ignore emails and college advice! Be on the ball.

Hannah Farmer

Don’t drop out your senior year. I mean you made it this far so mind as well finish it off.

Chaquoya Givens

Don’t wish for it to go by fast, because graduation will be here faster than you know it.

Jackson Hardin

Don’t avoid your parents. Spend some time with them because this will be the last time you’ll get to see them on a daily basis.

Mason Helgoth

Don’t get F’s. C’s get degrees.

William Heller

Don’t be the reason why people can’t have nice things.

Melvin Hernandez

Don’t procrastinate because there’s too many important things going on.

Silvia Hernandez

Don’t skip class to go see a goat because you’ll get a detention.

Lauren Hoeft

Don’t make senior year the year you actually kick it into gear. Don’t START trying your senior year. It’s already too late by then. Work hard and earn good grades and senior year will be less stressful!

Jeremy Johnson

Don’t try to be cool.

Riley Kirby

Don’t not shower. If a rat can take a shower, so can you.

Jennifer Knopp

Do not try to impress everyone else. Impress yourself, do the things you don’t think you can do, go out for the sport, do the assignment, and take on every challenge thrown at you. Don’t push everything aside and wait until last minute because the end comes sooner than you think. If you think taking one zero won’t hurt, you’re WRONG.

Jessica Knopp

Don’t fall into peer pressure, and don’t take the moment for granted.

Luis Lopez

Don’t think you are done just because it’s you last year, you still have to work harder than ever

Cole Martinez

Don’t just sit back and drift through senior year. Try your hardest to enjoy each and every day because the year goes by so fast. Before you know it, you’ll be getting your cap and gown and preparing for graduation.

Taylor Masek

Don’t procrastinate, because then, at the end, you’re piled with a million things to do and no time to do it.

Payton McMillin

Do not second guess yourself. Be truthful to yourself and don’t waste your time trying to please others.

McKenna Murphy

You shouldn’t rush into things. Senior year flies by pretty fast so enjoy it while it lasts.

Cassie Navrkal

Don’t wait until the last minute to do things because it causes more stress. Just get things done on time.

Caeden Pierce

Don’t procrastinate.

Matthias Polacek

Don’t not take work release.

Ciera Poulas

Don’t wait until last minute to get important stuff done like your FAFSA, college application, and deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Jada Ranslem

Don’t not live everyday to your fullest, because trust me they go fast.

Renay Sanley

Don’t procrastinate

Brittany Schrader

Don’t slack off.

Jacob Seibert

Don’t put yourself above others because no one will like you.

Isabel Small

Don’t wait till last possible moment to do something

Seth Styskal

Don’t be late for school.

Angel Sweeney

Don’t stop trying because once you start slacking it is very hard to get back to doing your work and caring about it.

Bethany Tebbe

Don’t let people define you.

Colin Vandenberg

Don’t get suspended from school in the last week.

Deborah White

Don’t not care about anything because senior year still matters. Get your work done.

Sarah Wolfenden

Don’t lose sight of who you really are. Also, don’t procrastinate.