Seniors dominate penny wars, DCHS makes a difference for Make-A-Wish

Senior calculus student Dustin D. helps count money donated to Make-A-Wish. The senior class ended up winning the annual Student Council penny wars by over 1,100 points.

Allegra H.

While pennies are often seen as an annoying piece of currency, their popularity this past week has risen in David City High School due to Student Council’s annual penny wars for Make-A-Wish Foundation. Monday morning marked the end of the penny wars with seniors winning the war with 1,597 points and seventh graders in second with 448 points.

The penny wars began Monday, Dec. 15 and in that short amount of time, DCHS raised $328.91 for Make-A-Wish. With new incentives to join the competition like adding DCHS staff to the penny wars and rewarding the winning team with Dairy Queen Dilly Bars in memory of late PE teacher Doug Hookie, students and staff brought a fresh competitive edge to the penny wars.

“I think the difference this year is that we have some groups that are really competitive like the freshman and seniors, and I think that adding the staff into the mix helped a lot with that, too,” Student Council Adviser Amy Backstrom said.

Each penny donated was counted as one point and all other types of money were counted as negative points equal to the value of the coin or bill. Eighth graders came in third with -174 points, sophomores were fourth with -327 points, staff was fifth with -517 points, juniors were sixth with -929 points and freshmen came in last with -1,204 points.

“I think certain people and certain classes got so into it. I appreciate all of the Student Council and calculus students helping me count the money. This is the first year I didn’t have to do that alone and I really appreciate it,” Backstrom said.