Spoof: Science teacher retires to start his own exoctic animal farm


Neleigh Kovar

Science teacher Kevin Behrens holds Fergie, a turken, which is one of the animals on his farm. The Behrens’ Exotic Animal Farm is set to open on Memorial Day weekend.

Neleigh Kovar

David City Middle School science teacher Kevin Behrens is finally able to start his dream.

Behrens has worked at DCHS for 14 years. He has always loved animals and decided to retire from David City Public Schools to become an exotic animal farm owner. He owns three acres of land and has the perfect plan to become a successful owner.

“I am very excited to start my dream. I have always wanted my own exotic animal farm, and now I am able to accomplish my goal,” Behrens stated.

For his Savannah area, Behrens plans on planting grass in his garden. He plans on having a few giraffes, wildebeests, gazelles, and more. He refuses to have any predators, just because it would affect the number of animals, plus it is much safer for the people who visit the farm.

“There are three acres that I own, and upon those three acres there are a lot of trees and a shelter building. I plan on covering it with netting, and that is where the exotic birds will live. I plan on having them all live in harmony,” Behrens stated.

Behrens would also like to have a sewage lagoon that the crocodiles and hippos would live in, and he is debating about whether to add an aquarium to his farm.

Behrens explained that he wants a place where families can go to and not have to pay too much for a good experience. With plans to open on Memorial Day weekend, he wants kids to be able to see animals that they could see in the zoo with a few extras.

“I am ordering two Tasmanian Devils, a male and female, and we will see how that goes,” Behrens explained.   

Admission will start at $2.50 for students and $5 for adults. Behrens plans on having his logo be a hedgehog with his name in it. A hedgehog was chosen because it is his favorite animal that he is ordering for his animal farm. To honor the hedgehog, he will have an area that people are able to pet them and feed them little snacks.

“I’ve always loved animals. I grew up with animals,“ Behrens stated. “But the farm animals just became ho-hum and boring, so I thought exotic animals would be more interesting.”

If you would like to go to the Behrens’ Exotic Animal Farm, then make sure you mark the date on your calendars.