SPOOF: The man behind the messages


Senior Will Heller spotted looking suspicious. Heller is suspected to have sent the mysterious messages circulating the internet.

Olivia Couch, Co-Editor

As of early March, a certain voicemail recording has been circulating the internet. With coded messages and a monotonous woman’s voice, people have been scouring for answers. David City High School senior William Heller finally steps forward to shed some light on the subject.

“It all started as a joke,” Heller first explained. “I was well-known amongst my friends for my creepy woman voice. One day, we thought it’d be a funny prank to dial random numbers and leave an easily coded message. I never expected it to turn out like this.”

However, the people who received the messages, seem to have become detectives overnight. Each person came up with their own theories. Indication of the missing Malaysia flight, solar flares, and even Stephen Hawking’s death. Realizing his message went viral, Heller decided to continue his little act a while longer.

“Honestly, I’m pretty surprised that people believed some of the messages I wrote. They were pretty incredible,” Heller admitted. “All the theories and facts that have been circulating are quite impressive, though.”

Heller further explained that not every message was sent by him. Other people had decided to join the act by sending more messages to random people. People that, according to Heller, he doesn’t even know. These pieces seemed to add fuel to the flames as the messages were being coded in different languages and cryptic messages. When Heller finally came forward, many people expressed their relief.

“When I first found out about all the posts going around, I thought they were crazy. But after more and more things came up, I seriously got a bit scared,” senior Debbie White said. “I’m glad it was all just a clever joke.”

Heller concluded that, “Although I never wanted it to spread to this level, I’m glad there’s no ill-will being expressed towards my friends or me. I’d also like to apologize to anyone I may have frightened in the process.”

Of course, this hasn’t been the first time false apocalyptic messages have circulated and it certainly won’t be the last. The question is, what crazy story will come next?