Spoof: Student discovers teachers’ secret living conditions

History teacher Anthony Ferg lays on his counter trying to sleep. Ferg has been living in his classroom for about a month since and passes his time jamming out to music.

Allison Ramos

Art teacher Tessa Vrbicky and history teacher Anthony Ferg were found living in their classrooms when Junior Ashley Roemmich woke up after being locked in the school at night.

“I was practicing my speech in the library and it was getting really late, and little did I know I fell asleep and I don’t even remember passing out,” Roemmich said. “Then when I woke up it was pitch dark, and I couldn’t even see my own hand in front of my face.”

Roemmich said she was walking down the hallway when she saw two little lights coming from opposite ends, so she decided to follow the light to her right first.

“In one ear I could hear really loud hardcore music, and in the other I heard the noise of a sink running,” Roemmich said.

Vrbicky said she had her reasons as to why she lives in the school and that she never really thought it would be a problem. The main reason she lives in her classroom is because she likes the haunting feeling the school gives because it gives her comfort and inspiration at night when she paints.

“I started living here as soon as I knew I was going to get the job, and I sold my house so I don’t really have anywhere else to live,” Vrbicky said. “And I honestly never really thought about getting caught living in the school because people aren’t really here late at night, and most of the time I don’t have any lights on.”

Ferg, on the other hand, just lives in the school to get some alone time or what he calls it “me hour.”

“My wife doesn’t like when I jam out to my favorite songs, so I decided to start living at the school,” Ferg said. “ I really don’t care about getting caught living in my classroom because I really like to jam out to my tunes, and nobody is judging me here or telling me to be quiet.”

When Roemmich found both teachers in their classroom, she said Vrbicky was brushing her teeth in her classroom sink and she didn’t know what to think. She then looked up and in the loft of her room she had a queen sized bed. Vrbicky didn’t see her peeking through the window, but Roemmich also noted that Vrbicky was wearing some paint splattered slippers.

Discovering Ferg was a different story, according to Roemmich.

“When I got closer to the light it looked like he had a disco ball in there, and his music became louder and louder,” Roemmich said. “His door was opened a crack, so I peeked in and I saw him dancing and I moved my head closer and saw a sleeping bag laying across the middle of his floor.”

Roemmich explained that this is something that she would have never thought she would see. She was surprised to know that teachers from the very school she attends live in their classrooms.