Column: Bookbags disappear from DCHS classrooms for valid reasons

Hannah Farmer

With all the school shootings happening all around the United States, David City High School decided to take precautionary actions and eliminated bookbags from classrooms.  This means that students now have to actually use their lockers and take only what is needed to class. I feel this improves the security within the school and makes me feel a whole lot safer when walking down the halls of DCHS.

The new rule caused quite the uproar in the school among students of all ages.  Several felt the new rule was “pointless” or “stupid” while others thought the new rule was “smart” and “not that big of a deal”. No matter your opinion, the change has already been made and is only going to positively impact the school in the future.

I realize there are several different viewpoints from everyone about this new rule, but I definitely understand the whole concept of it.  There have been 17 school shootings so far this year where someone was hurt or killed, which equals out to be about 1.4 shootings a week according to CNN. This rule was set in place to protect the future of the students and staff.  

Back when I attended Fremont High School, we weren’t allowed to bring any type of book bags in the classrooms.  The only thing allowed was a small purse. However, even allowing a small purse can bring potential harm to students. If any suspected threats were brought upon the school, a lockdown would occur, all lockers would be searched, and suspected students would be found and searched also.  Having bookbags kept inside our lockers made it a lot easier for our police officer to search everyone and do it almost undercover sometimes.

Now on the flipside of things, I understand a lot of students’ concerns and complaints about the new book bag rule. Yes, I can agree that I did find it as a little inconvenience to have to carry everything around and have to actually use my locker, but honestly I realized it isn’t a big deal. Not everything is going to be easy in life, and sometimes you have to work harder to be safer. However, I do have to admit I miss my book bag. I kept everything and anything you can imagine in there. From lotion, to my “hula hoops”, and even a hair brush! Now with the new rule, I had to readjust everything and figure out a way to be able to take all my essentials with me, and that for sure was a big inconvenience.  

Honestly, in this situation I feel like all the good coming from this book bag rule definitely outweighs the bad. I value my life greatly, and this rule being put into place shows me that the DCHS staff understands and cares about our safety and doesn’t want to risk anything. Although we may be a small town, anything can happen. There’s a first for everything. Don’t let a school shooting be one of them.