Scout Speech earns third consecutive State title

The DCHS Speech team wins the overall meet and line up for a picture. This is the third year in a row the DCHS Speech team has won the Class C-1 State title.

Maya Couch

The David City High School Speech team won the Class C-1 State Championship for the third year in a row on Thurs., Mar. 22.

The team ended up winning with a total of 174 points over the second place team, Brownell Talbot, with 118 points. The DCHS Speech team was able to take top three spots in most events during the meet.

“I was glad that we were the deepest team in Class C-1; it allowed our disappointments to be mitigated. We also were able to gain 1-2 placings in Informative and Persuasive, which are challenging accomplishments,” Speech Coach Jarod Ockander said.

Seniors Bethany Tebbe, William Heller, Josh Escamilla, and Jackson Hardin all broke into the final round at State. All six of this year’s seniors put in the time and effort toward the goal of competing at State and came out successful. They are being recognized as the hard workers and role models in the group.

I cannot even begin to summarize my experience. Not only have I become an effective communicator, but I have become more confident with the person I am becoming,” Hardin said. “I have all my friends and coaches to thank for making me the person I am today.”

The DCHS Speech team took 13 students to State in 8 out of 9 events. During the meet, 10 students broke into finals in 7 out of the 9 events. Results are as follows:

Persuasive: Macy Svoboda 2nd, Laurel Ockander 1st; Informative: Macy Svoboda 2nd, Bethany Tebbe 1st; Entertainment: Will Heller 2nd; Serious: Jackson Hardin 2nd; Humorous: Will Heller 1st, Maya Couch 6th; Duet: Carter Ossian and Josh Escamilla 4th; Extemp: Carter Ossian 2nd.

This year, the DCHS Speech team was composed of six seniors, five juniors, three sophomores, and five freshmen. Due to half the team being seniors, coaches and other members are highly encouraging others to give speech a try.

“It might have some challenges, but everything worth doing well will take effort,” Jarod Ockander said. “To have the kind of team that we should have next year could be really fun to be a part of for students. Talent matters less than hard work and willingness to work with coaches.”

Advice from the seniors to students who are debating to try Speech is to join the team and have fun with it.

Out of every activity I have done, Speech is the best. I have experienced happiness, sadness, and so many other emotions while in Speech,” Tebbe said. “Overall, it has helped to transform my personality and how I present myself.”