“Reid’s Story” sheds light on dark situation

Mark and Joni Adler bring their assembly to a close. They received a standing ovation from the students and staff who appreciated their talk.

Katie Tresler

Students of David City High School filed into the gym for an assembly on Mon., Mar. 5th. Dr. Mark Adler and his wife, Joni Adler, met with the students to share the story of their son, Reid.

The Adlers shared the heart-wrenching story of their son’s death and the events of cyberbullying that lead up to it. They aim to explain to students that people support them, and there is never a reason for anybody else to experience the same hurt that they have.

“When one of the important legs of your table comes out, it makes it unbalanced, so we’re trying to find balance, we’re trying to find what our new normal is,” Mark remarked. “Two years later we’re still trying to find our new normal.”

The Adlers have traveled to many schools to talk to many students. With each new school, they’ve met new students who take the time to thank them for sharing their son’s story.

“Often when we’re done speaking, students will come down and talk to us. It’s heart-wrenching to know some of the situations that kids are in and have to live through,” Joni stated.

Mark took the time to explain who his son, Reid, was as an individual. Reid was the person who helped everybody he could. He had many friends, and he was always trying to help others. Reid was the type of person who would take eight people to a Husker football game just so everybody would have something to do that day.

“Their friend group has completely changed. Reid was the glue that held them together,”Joni explained about Reid’s friends.

Joni took a different approach when she talked to the students. She talked about the loss their family has experienced. She took the time to tell every student that their life has value, even when it seems like there isn’t.

“Suicide is not the end of pain. It’s just transferred to other people — transferred to those that loved you the most,” Joni said.

Joni also wanted to share the thought of being kind with each other. She asked the students to spread kindness and to help others in need.

“There have been multiple, tens or twenties, of suicides that have happened in the state of Nebraska since Reid’s death. So that just tells me that we need to reach out more.” Joni said.

Many of the students were touched by the presentation, really taking in the information given to them.

“It gave us some really good information about suicide prevention and what we can do to help people,” junior Riley Hlavac stated.

Many students left the gym with thoughts about the situation. They questioned things such as what they would have done if they would have been directly involved in Reid’s situation.

“It gave me good advice to think about in the future,” junior Julia Morales explained. “Never be scared to go to anyone.”

The students at DCHS want to say thanks and show their support for the Adlers for coming and talking to them about Reid and his story.

“I would thank them for coming to talk to our school, even though it was probably really hard for them. I’m glad that they still came and talked with us,” junior Ebani Filbert expressed.